The Dating Test

A friend of mine has this test for the girls he dates. He calls it the Kings Island test. When things start to get serious. In order to decide if he should continue seeing her or if he should move on, he takes her to Kings Island. For those that don't know that's an amusement park. If she can make it all day without making him want to pull his hair out he continues seeing her. If she doesn't he ends it. He said its the quickest way to weed out the crazy and whiny.

The rationale is you never really know someone until you see them in a stressful situation. I have two tests that I like to do. One is putting together a book shelf. I absolutely suck at following those stupid directions that are mostly just crude drawings. So if you can help me without screaming, throwing a tantrum, or making me want to stab you to death, we can continue seeing each other.

The second test is epic shopping. I live about an hour from any decent shopping. When I go shopping its usually an all day thing. I hit as many stores as I can. My sister and I make a shopping list of the stores we want to visit and what it is we are looking for from each. If a guy is going to stick around he will eventually end up shopping with us. No one has ever survived.

Do you have a test you use to determine if someone is going to stick around.

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