My Theory on Who Killed Hae Min Lee

I mentioned last week that that I have been listening to Undisclosed:The State V. Adnan Syed. A big thanks to Brittany for introducing me to it. I got hooked listening to the Serial podcast and was not ready for it to end. So if you've listened to Serial and liked it you may like Undisclosed.

I say may because it is not as professionally done as serial because it is just 3 lawyers talking about the case. During the course of the podcast they drop some bombshells that made me change my previous theory.

I once believed that Jay and Jen killed Hae. I believed listening to Serial, that Jay and Jen seemed just too close for friends and that Hae may have caught them doing something they shouldn't be doing, like maybe sex or drugs. To keep Hae from telling Stephanie, they killed her. Jen even said herself that she didn't like Hae. Who else always thought Stephanie was too good for Jay?

However in episode 3 of Undisclosed we listen to Jay's Day. They play Jay's police interview recordings. Something you hear in the tape made me think that Jay may not have had anything to do with the crime. I won't spoil the fun in case you want to listen for yourself.

I still have some questions like. Why didn't they test the brandy bottle found near Hae's body? Why did  they not test the fingerprints (after they didn't check out against Jay's or Adnan's)? The car wasn't found for weeks when they found it instead of processing it where they found it, they transported it to a second location. That seems like contamination to me. I'm still uneasy about Don.  After all his boss/albi was his mom.

Once I got caught up on Undisclosed I started following Serial Dynasty.

Its a listener directed podcast hosted by a fire chief. It took me a couple of episodes to get into it. I am still not caught up with this podcast so I can't talk in length about it. They focus 2 days on Don. I don't think Don did it. Rather I think Don didn't like Hae as much as she liked him so her going missing wasn't as big of a deal as if he was in love with her. I think his mom was covering for him but just because she doesn't want him to be in trouble.

Episode 18 really floored me. Bob (the host) said he has been in contact with Jay. I was truly shocked at what Jay had to say, or rather what Jay didn't deny. That furthers my thought that Jay didn't really have anything to do with killing Hae.

So What is my new Theory?

Less than a year before Hae was found, an 18 year old Woodlawn student was found in a wooded park near a stream. Actually she was found in a stream, but the thought was that animals had drug her body to a stream. She was manually strangled to death. She was last seen in daylight driving her car, and had to pass Liberty Road.

Does that sound familiar?

At the time of Hae's murder no one knew that Roy S Davis had Killed Jada Lambert. However DNA evidence was eventually tested and matched Roy Davis. Why wasn't Hae's DNA evidence tested since her murder so closely matched Jada's? Well, the detectives thought they had their murderer with Adnan. So why even look into the possibility of Roy Davis being a serial killer.

I believe Hae stopped at the ATM near where Roy Davis lived. It was an ATM that she had used before, and she hadn't deposited her check from a few days prior.  I believe that was when he intercepted her. I think that testing the Brandy bottle and the finger print would prove that Roy Davis was the killer.

I'm not saying (Ok yes I am) that the Detectives did a terrible job of following leads and testing DNA, but I will tell you that my cousin died when I was 15 (she was 16) she was with a group of friends when she died and it took our family 23 years to get the whole story. I had to speak to a detective and believe me I had very little to tell. My interview with the detectives was brought on because a girl that hated my cousin, they had previously gotten into a physical fight, was looking through my photo album. Remember the days of photo albums instead of having all of our pictures on our phones? Anyway, She was looking through my photos and cam to one of my cousin and she said "Well I could have gone all day without seeing that?" That was it. Yet it was enough that I had to speak to the detectives. So I spoke to them over something so small. In this case people with real information were not really looked into.

If you follow Serial, Undisclosed or any of the other podcasts that talk about Adnan tell me what your theories are?

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