How to make a super easy yard witch

You may remember a few weeks ago when I shared how I made Cousin IT for my yard. I love him he
is so cute, but I kept thinking he needed a friend. Then it hit me, use a tomato cage to make a witch. This time I picked a cage that was slightly larger than the one for Cousin IT.
Tomato Cage
Syrofoam Ball
Witch Hat
Floral Pins

 Now take a Styrofoam ball and stick it on the top
 I used a dress that Emmy had out grown, but you can shop any thrift store and find something that would work as a witch dress. If all else fails use a piece of black fabric. Please disregard the lint. There really is a reason why the blog is called Cat Hair and Glitter :)
 I pulled the turtle neck up high to cover the cage. 
 Add the hat and voila you have a yard witch
Just like I did for Cousin IT, I added some floral pins to the bottom the of cage, it holds the cage in place keeping the wind from blowing it away.

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