Friday Five

Its Friday thank GOD. I've looked forward to this day since Monday. My weekends aren't feeling long enough. Mostly thanks to them being jammed packed with band and chores around the house. Can't you include it being Friday into the H54F? Oh well I just did.

My sister opened an etsy store. She makes the cutest hair pins. They look great stuck in a messy bun. If you don't see a design you  like, just ask her she can also do custom orders.

I may get to see Dr. Sexy at the regional band competition this weekend. Dr Sexy was my dr until he up and went VA on me. I loved him so much I actually considered enlisting. I still haven't replaced him.

Which reminds me. The girls insurance is no longer accepted by their pediatrician. While this is not something to High Five. I guess its something I have to deal with. Although they picked a Dr for us. I will be switching because I know her and she always looks like she is sucking on a thank you.

Our Mayor signed a proclamation making October officially Dyslexia Awareness month in Morehead. Its a State and National thing, but its always a good thing to spread the word. I asked if we were wearing our Decoding Dyslexia shirts. After everyone saying yes, I was the only one that wore it. Even Em bailed on me. Oh well.

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