Friday Five

  • You may have heard my bff (just kidding, she sucks) Kim Davis met the pope this week. To continue the KD saga this was on the corner of Main Street this week. 

    • I'm visiting my hometown today for our county fair. In my whole life I have only missed it once. I'm not ashamed to say I have pulled the girls out of school on the Friday of the fair when we have band competitions on Saturday. Thankfully this year our two day fall break fell on apple day weekend. 
    • You may have seen this on Instagram but the cats were conspiring to keep me from writing this post.
    • Its Dyslexia Awareness month. Since yesterday's post leaned more toward what dyslexics struggle with. I want to let you know what they are good at. Dyslexics tend to be more curious,intuitive and creative than non dyslexics and have an above average intelligence. 
    • I am loving my 4 day weekend.
      Dyslexics tend to be more curious, creative, and intuitive than average. - See more at:

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