Dyslexia Dash

I had a post planned for today. Only I didn't have it as planned as I thought. For some reason I thought I had an outline with pics. I didn't. What I had was a topic and  links to a few outside things.

After the weekend I had, I just didn't have the mental energy to write that post up.

Yesterday I was at a Dyslexia 5k. It was kinda funny because we put Wilson instead of Wilkinson in the GPS and ended up semi lost. How funny to be on your way to a dyslexia event only your dyslexia causes you to end up in the wrong spot. Emmy LOVED spending the day with Miss Kentucky. She talked Clark's ear off. Meeting her has been a highlight of Emmy's life. She told me on the way home that Miss Kentucky makes it cool to be dyslexic. I told her she made it cool too.

I loved this picture. Emmy is holding the I. The organizers gave some kids the letters and asked them to spell out DYSLEXIA. I love that the girl holding the E has it backward. That was absolutely unplanned.
Emmy told me that this picture would be famous one day. She said one of these days when she is Miss Kentucky it will be a picture of two Miss Kentucky's with their moms. Dang look how short we are. Well look how short I am. Em has passed me up I think.

I know its totally off topic but, one of my cats got out. I was taking the dogs out to use the bathroom and she darted out. As of the time I scheduled this post I haven't been able to get her back inside. I wouldn't worry so much but I live on a super busy street.

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