Dyslexia Awareness Month Begins Today!!

Today is the first day of Dyslexia Awareness month. So expect to hear me mention it a few times throughout the month.

For those of you that don't know my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Dyslexia at the end of her 2nd grade year. It was a tough time for us. You can read about it on the navigation bar. It wasn't until we had her diagnosed that I learned that I too have dyslexia. It was never diagnosed in me because its mild. But it definitely explains why numbers moved around when I attempt to do math. This form of Dyslexia is called Dyscalcula . Not all dyslexics have numbers or letters move around.

I've heard others share their Dyslexia stories and they are almost exactly the same as ours the schools say its a medical condition we can't diagnosis it or help you. The doctors  shake their head say its not a medical condition. Well not exactly. Its nothing that can be cured. Its nothing that can be treated with medication. Its not reading backward, or necessarily writing letters backward although that does happen.

The brains of people with dyslexia are just wired differently. They have trouble breaking down words into their individual sounds. People often ask me what was the first sign that Emmy had Dyslexia. I suspected in Preschool. She continued to pronounce words saying them with the sounds reversed. To some extent its common for young children to say Bsketti (spaghetti), efalunt (elepghant) ect. But she said it long after its common. When she was corrected she couldn't hear the difference in what she was saying and the correct word. Substitute was subnatute, Mitten was Mippens (I think that one is cute and we still jokingly call them mippens).

Dyslexia is common its thought that 1 in 5 people have it, its heredity, but some people may never know because they are mildly dyslexic. I was talking about it at a work meeting and a coworker told me that she was in college when she was diagnosed.

I will just say it. Most schools do not recognize it as a disorder. So children aren't getting the tutoring they need. This is probably the thing that makes my blood boil the most. If all school systems adopted an Orton-Gillingham method of reading tutorial we could help so many children. Sadly schools adopt programs that are affordable and what reps give them incentives to buy. An OG method like Barton Reading is the only type of programs that work for Dyslexia. I'm president of the PTO at Em's school. We have an amazing teacher /mom whose son is also dyslexia. She has been instrumental in getting so much attention on the topic on the school side.  I felt we had to do something. So the PTO officers voted to buy the first 3 levels of Barton Reading for the school. Its expensive but so worth it.

I want to give you some signs of Dyslexia. If you suspect you or someone you know may be dyslexic. I am always happy to talk about it. Feel free to email me hollys@email.com.
Some of the signs associated with dyslexia include:
• Difficulty learning to speak
• Trouble learning letters and their sounds
• Difficulty organizing written and spoken language
• Trouble memorizing number facts
• Difficulty reading quickly enough to comprehend
• Trouble persisting with and comprehending longer reading assignments
• Difficulty spelling
• Trouble learning a foreign language
• Difficulty correctly doing math operations

Emmy and her favorite Dyslexic

 One thing I found interesting when I started researching Dyslexia was how many famous people have it. This is just a few I've discovered.
Orlando Bloom
Whoopie Goldberg
Kiera Knightly
Billy Bob Thorton
Jay Leno
Christopher Lowell (The start of my home decorating show obsession)
Henry Winkler (The Fonz)
Albert Einstein
Charles Schwabb
Ansel Adams (a Photographer famous for landscapes)
Tommy Hilfiger
John Lennon
Bruce (Caitlin) Jenner
Nolan Ryan
Muhammad Ali
Richard Branson (CEO of the Virgin group seriously if we put a civilian in space it will be this man that does it)
Agatha Christie
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Walt Disney and
Steven Spielberg
Clark Davis (Miss Kentucky)

One of the common threads of almost all dyslexics is teachers describing them as very bright but lazy. The inability to process the language is often  thought to be just out right laziness because how else to you explain a very bright kid struggling with school?

This picture pretty much sums up what testing is like for a dyslexic. I'm sure her teachers wonder how she is on the academic team if she is retaking tests in their class and the reason is, how the questions are asked. Believe it or not multiple choice is the hardest tests for dyslexics.

So happy Dyslexia Awareness Month. I hope I haven't bored you all today, but Dyslexia Awareness is definitely a subject I am passionate about.

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