How to make a super easy yard witch

You may remember a few weeks ago when I shared how I made Cousin IT for my yard. I love him he
is so cute, but I kept thinking he needed a friend. Then it hit me, use a tomato cage to make a witch. This time I picked a cage that was slightly larger than the one for Cousin IT.
Tomato Cage
Syrofoam Ball
Witch Hat
Floral Pins

 Now take a Styrofoam ball and stick it on the top
 I used a dress that Emmy had out grown, but you can shop any thrift store and find something that would work as a witch dress. If all else fails use a piece of black fabric. Please disregard the lint. There really is a reason why the blog is called Cat Hair and Glitter :)
 I pulled the turtle neck up high to cover the cage. 
 Add the hat and voila you have a yard witch
Just like I did for Cousin IT, I added some floral pins to the bottom the of cage, it holds the cage in place keeping the wind from blowing it away.


Fall Mantle and a Painted Pumpkin

Last weekend it finally felt like fall. The leaves are just starting to turn, but the temps dipped enough for us to turn on the heat and break out heavier blankets.

It was also when we decided to put on some fall decorations. Cousin IT has  been hanging out in the front yard for a few weeks now, but inside it was still saying summer with our teal birdy mantle.
cat hair & glitter summer mantle
cat hair & glitter summer mantle

So Saturday we changed the tart warmer scent to fall scents, put on Mean Girls, because it was October 3. Happy Mean Girls Day!! Then we decorated the mantle. By we decorated the mantle, I mean I watched Netflix while Abbey decorated the mantle. It may be the most glittery mantle I've ever seen. This blog isn't called Cat Hair & Glitter for nothing.
cat hair & glitter fall mantlecat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle
To carry on the glittery we decorated a Dyslexia Awareness pumpkin.  It took two coats of black craft paint. The glitter ribbon is made from left over glitter wrapping paper. The same paper we used in the bathroom. Some very valuable advice, spray it with clear spray. Otherwise the paint pulls off at the slightest touch.

cat hair & glitter Dyslexia Awareness pumpkin

cat hair & glitter Dyselxia Awareness pumpkin

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