A year later and the same BS

Last year at this time the Marching Band was heading to state. So was the Soccer team. Our hometown newspaper had three articles about the Soccer team. including two colored above the fold pictures. They also visited the elementary schools for a pep rally in their honor...their are 4 elementary schools. I was really proud of the soccer team, because I believe when kids excel at their chosen activity it deserves to be celebrated. Especially in a day and age when too many just want to play video games or watch tv. With the obesity rate out of control active and fit kids that are willing to give up with evenings is an awesome thing.

That's why I was beyond pissed that the band didn't get any mention. None. So I wrote a pretty hateful letter to the newspaper. I sent the same letter to the high school principal. What I received in response was both men blaming anyone they can think of. I saved all email exchanges so if need be I can prove that I am 100% correct in my saying that.

This year it appears to be a repeat of the same. Although I can't speak for the newspaper because I have not wasted my money on that trash in a year. Wanna know the news in town? Log in to facebook. Its more accurate and more up to the minute.

I received this text from the school. I really thought about calling the school to ask when the pep bus for the competition leaves, but I already know the answer. It will be something to the effect of. The band director didn't reserve a bus or extra hotel rooms for a spirit bus. But what the underlying reason really is. Our administration is bullies. All extra curricular activities are not treated equal. Some students will always receive special treatment. I didn't say anything the multiple  times the band had to leave practice early (they have to practice on the parking lot) because the soccer team had a game and needed the parking lot. Although in retrospect I should have, because we are preparing for state also. Its disheartening that the lesson children take away from this is that they don't matter.

Last year I mentioned to the principal that with school violence a real concern it seems to be that a competent administration would be aware of how they treat students. He tried to turn it around (of course gotta love the blame game). Abbey has been begging to be home-schooled. She's sick of it also. I can honestly say since my messages to him about fairness and school spirit equality went unheard I am considering it. At least learning at home she won't have to feel that she is lesser than anyone based on what activity she chooses.

Can't we support all of our students? How hard is it to be excited and support all the kids? Hell I  have friends whose kids are in nearly every activity offered. I love that we are varied. I love when I can brag at hour successful our school teams are doing. Why can't our administration do the same? Why do we allow our school leaders to be bullies? 

Favorite Marching Band Memories

If you've seen American Pie you probably remember the line "This one time at band camp" Well, 
In honor of Abbey's marching band making state, her sophomore year, and heading to Bowling Green. I am sharing a picture of me heading to state in Bowling Green, my sophomore year. I'm also sharing some funny band stories. Some of these are from my experience. Some are Abbey's and some belong to my sister. I assure you all stories are 100% true.

Once we went to state and our band director took us to the mall to reward us for our hard work. While walking through the mall I heard "Hey baby!" I turned around and saw a seriously tall guy. We talked and he was super cute and funny. But I lived 5 hours away and there was no way that was going to work, so when he asked for my number I gave him the number of the banks time and temperature line. A couple of years later I saw he was named Mr. Basketball. I felt a little guilty for not giving him my real number. 

We stayed at a lot of hotels and once we stayed at a really run down hotel. It looked like something out of a horror movie. It was made even scarier when it became surrounded by police and an ambulance. We later found out the owners got in a fight and the wife stabbed her husband. 

A band members dad was a cop while waiting to pick up his kid he saw a crime in progress and arrested someone right beside practice. The kids stopped marching and started clapping and cheering. 

Picture it the first football game of the season and a packed house.  A very tall (over 6 foot) kid turns around while marching the show. His back is facing the crowd, and his pants fall down. He grabs them with one hand and pulls them up, but not before everyone sees his underwear. In good fun he received animal print underwear for every Christmas after that. 

During a hotel stay while the band was away competing the maids, smoked pot in the room and then left the butts in the toilet. They crushed up gold fish crackers and put them in the coffee pot, put the blankets on the floor and the pillows on the foot of the bed. 

Someone put her flat iron in the freezer to cool it down before sticking it in her bag. She forgot to get it out and left the flat iron in the freezer.  

This one time at band camp we were on the field practicing and a truck drives by a couple of times with guys in the back. We look up as the boys drop their pants and moon us.

Friday Five

Its Friday thank GOD. I've looked forward to this day since Monday. My weekends aren't feeling long enough. Mostly thanks to them being jammed packed with band and chores around the house. Can't you include it being Friday into the H54F? Oh well I just did.

My sister opened an etsy store. She makes the cutest hair pins. They look great stuck in a messy bun. If you don't see a design you  like, just ask her she can also do custom orders.

I may get to see Dr. Sexy at the regional band competition this weekend. Dr Sexy was my dr until he up and went VA on me. I loved him so much I actually considered enlisting. I still haven't replaced him.

Which reminds me. The girls insurance is no longer accepted by their pediatrician. While this is not something to High Five. I guess its something I have to deal with. Although they picked a Dr for us. I will be switching because I know her and she always looks like she is sucking on a lemon....no thank you.

Our Mayor signed a proclamation making October officially Dyslexia Awareness month in Morehead. Its a State and National thing, but its always a good thing to spread the word. I asked if we were wearing our Decoding Dyslexia shirts. After everyone saying yes, I was the only one that wore it. Even Em bailed on me. Oh well.


Wednesday Confessions

I actually thought yesterday was Wednesday, but since its today here are some confessions.

Remember the door knob I bragged so hard about? Well it turns out I attached the inner piece (That's between the two knobs and allows the door to latch) on backwards. Which means the door can easily be blown open by the wind unless its locked. It took me until last night to realize this, because the first thing I do when I enter my house is lock the door. So I didn't realize it until I heard the door open. I went to check it out and saw a kitty standing at the door about to go out. I take off running to shut it before she got out. I slipped and slid the rest of the way to the door on my ass. Now its bruised and it hurts to sit down. All the kitties are safe and that's all that matters. That, and now I will be spending part of my evening taking the door knob off again.

We watched Back to the Future last night so we can watch Back to the Present Future 2 tonight. By we, I mean Emmy and I. We tried to explain it to Abbey, but she didn't seem interested. I predict she will be asking us a million questions about it tonight.

I'm visiting the Mayor's office tomorrow evening to watch him sign a document declaring October officially Dyslexia Awareness month. Hopefully I will remember to get pics. We are wearing our Decoding Dyslexia shirts. Life is so insane right now that I feel like I need to be cloned, which means I don't feel like I am doing enough to advocate Dyslexia Awareness. I'm on the road A LOT for work, which has its good and bad points. Both girls have after school activities every single day. I'm hoping that lets up some once Marching Band season is over, except band ends right when swimming begins. 

How to make a super easy yard witch

You may remember a few weeks ago when I shared how I made Cousin IT for my yard. I love him he
is so cute, but I kept thinking he needed a friend. Then it hit me, use a tomato cage to make a witch. This time I picked a cage that was slightly larger than the one for Cousin IT.
Tomato Cage
Syrofoam Ball
Witch Hat
Floral Pins

 Now take a Styrofoam ball and stick it on the top
 I used a dress that Emmy had out grown, but you can shop any thrift store and find something that would work as a witch dress. If all else fails use a piece of black fabric. Please disregard the lint. There really is a reason why the blog is called Cat Hair and Glitter :)
 I pulled the turtle neck up high to cover the cage. 
 Add the hat and voila you have a yard witch
Just like I did for Cousin IT, I added some floral pins to the bottom the of cage, it holds the cage in place keeping the wind from blowing it away.


Waverly Hills

Last month I got to cross a big item off my 101 list. I have wanted to go to Waverly Hilly Sanatorium for years and I finally got to go. I took my mom and sister with me.  Waverly Hills is said to be one of the most haunted places on earth. It was a self contained TB Hospital. All doctors, nurses, ect.. lived on site so they wouldn't spread TB to others. You can watch the episodes of Ghost Hunters where they visit the hospital. Ghost Hunters 1st tours and the Ghost Hunters 2nd tour 

I think these shows are silly but my visit was anything but silly.

I was looking forward to the body chute. its a 500 feet tunnel where they use to take the dead bodies out of the hospital so the patients couldn't see them. Our tour guide said at the height of the epidemic they lost about a patient an hour. The tunnel was also used for the staff to enter the hospital when the weather wasn't great. I thought if I was going to see a ghost that it would be there. I was wrong. But how creepy is 500 feet one entrance one exit?

I thought maybe I'd see something in the Morgue. After all it is a morgue. But I didn't.

I thought standing outside the room that the nurse hung herself would surely be a place that I would see something. I was wrong.

We stopped on the floor and Heather and I took the opportunity to pose for pics while our tour guide talked. She said two sisters lived in the room. One got better and left. Her sister took a turn for the worse so she came back to help with her sister. Caught TB again and beat it the second time. Her sister, Lois didn't make it.
We were there 3 days before the date of her death. That was creepy.  It was especially creepy because when we posed for our pictures we didn't know that she had also posed for a  pic in the same spot. The last pic that was taken of her.

We got to the 4th floor,  We all lined up and our tour guide looked up and yelled at someone who darted into a room instead of staying with the group. The guide went after him, to realize he wasn't real. That totally set the stage for my visit on the 4th floor. The guide asked for a volunteer to walk to the end of the hall alone. My lovely sister volunteered me. I was scared, but I went. I walked about halfway down, passing dozens of empty patient rooms, then I saw it. A shadowy person leaning against a door frame. The guide told me to keep going. I took a deep breath and kept walking. The figure shifted his position I got closer and closer and finally stopped. It was all I could do to stand there watching the figure watch me. While listening to the tour guide point the figure out to the others. On my way back to the group I could see shadows moving in the rooms I had passed.

My sister went after me. She didn't see anything at first. Then she kept walking, The guide asked her to look for the window in the door, she couldn't see it, until the shadow figure moved into the hall and then she could see what we were all talking about.

After us a girl said she wanted to go but she was scared, her boyfriend asked if he could walk with her. The guide said yes. They walked to the end of the hall and stopped. Our guide told them to take a step away from each other. As soon as they did. A shadow figure stepped in between them. There the three of them stood at the end of the hall. The girl turned to head back down the hall, leaving her boyfriend alone. The guide had to tell her to stop running.

Next stop was the Operating Room. Even when the hospital was functional this was a scary room. It saw so much death that the elevator in the OR went straight to the morgue. The girl who had walked to the end of the hall was now in a corner crying and hyperventilating. She was escorted out by her boyfriend and a guide.

Our trip was so much fun. I was planning my next trip on my way home.


Five on Friday

This has been a week for the record books. It has been jam packed. I feel like I haven't had a moment to catch my breath. The good thing about that is I am eagerly awaiting Sunday which is the only day this weekend I'll have to relax.

With that lets look at 5 things from the week.
  • So my cat that got out on Sunday waltzed back into the house last night. She came in like she had never been gone. I'm so happy. Abbey is too, but she is kinda bummed she can't talk me into this cutie now. A friend of mine is fostering it from the animal shelter.
  • I took the girls to see Hotel Transylvania and it was sooo cute. We went to early show and it great because we had the theater to ourselves. The girls literally danced and sang in the aisles.
  • I saw the trailer for CREED and as a massive Rocky fan I have to see it. Thanksgiving dinner may be late so we can watch it.
  • Life is really busy right now. Both work and outside of work, I am always in need of a back massage. I guess that isn't something to high five, but it is something that's happening.
  •  I haven't had a key to my front door the entire time I've lived here. When I bought the house they told me the keys were the same. They were wrong. I just lived with it until this this week. I finally decided I was going to give changing the door knob a try. Turns out it is way easier than I thought it would be. I'm hoping I am saying the same thing after I try replacing the ceiling fans and the faucets. 
  • And a bonus positive thing. Abbey auditioned for All State Choir this week. Emmy is auditioning also but her audition is a few weeks away. Our house has literally been a musical the last few weeks. They sing EVERYTHING. Its funny.

Dyslexia Dash

I had a post planned for today. Only I didn't have it as planned as I thought. For some reason I thought I had an outline with pics. I didn't. What I had was a topic and  links to a few outside things.

After the weekend I had, I just didn't have the mental energy to write that post up.

Yesterday I was at a Dyslexia 5k. It was kinda funny because we put Wilson instead of Wilkinson in the GPS and ended up semi lost. How funny to be on your way to a dyslexia event only your dyslexia causes you to end up in the wrong spot. Emmy LOVED spending the day with Miss Kentucky. She talked Clark's ear off. Meeting her has been a highlight of Emmy's life. She told me on the way home that Miss Kentucky makes it cool to be dyslexic. I told her she made it cool too.

I loved this picture. Emmy is holding the I. The organizers gave some kids the letters and asked them to spell out DYSLEXIA. I love that the girl holding the E has it backward. That was absolutely unplanned.
Emmy told me that this picture would be famous one day. She said one of these days when she is Miss Kentucky it will be a picture of two Miss Kentucky's with their moms. Dang look how short we are. Well look how short I am. Em has passed me up I think.

I know its totally off topic but, one of my cats got out. I was taking the dogs out to use the bathroom and she darted out. As of the time I scheduled this post I haven't been able to get her back inside. I wouldn't worry so much but I live on a super busy street.


Yay for Fridays

Lord its been a long week and I couldn't be happier that its Friday except I also have a busy weekend planned.

So here's my High Five For Friday

  • I managed to blog everyday this week. Yay me!!! 
  • I got to spend my Thursday evening with these pretty girls. You may have noticed my instagram last night was full of pics of Miss Kentucky. Her platform is Dyslexia, because she also has Dyslexia. Emmy got to meet her and hold the crown. Yeah now she wants to be Miss Kentucky too. Then that afternoon They road through the MSU parade together with the Decoding Dyslexia group.  
Then Emmy took Selfies with her. 

  • I'm running my first 5K on Sunday the Dyslexia Dash. Miss Kentucky is on our Decoding Dyslexia team. You guys she is so sweet. Plus, I'm glad to be crossing that off the 101 list.
  • Watched Grandfathered this week. I think its going to be good. I am not totally into it yet. 
  •  I have been putting baby gates up to keep the dogs out of the living room while I'm at work. Somehow they have figured out how to get over the gates. Every evening I have come home to them sitting on the couch with their tongues hanging out.

The Dating Test

A friend of mine has this test for the girls he dates. He calls it the Kings Island test. When things start to get serious. In order to decide if he should continue seeing her or if he should move on, he takes her to Kings Island. For those that don't know that's an amusement park. If she can make it all day without making him want to pull his hair out he continues seeing her. If she doesn't he ends it. He said its the quickest way to weed out the crazy and whiny.

The rationale is you never really know someone until you see them in a stressful situation. I have two tests that I like to do. One is putting together a book shelf. I absolutely suck at following those stupid directions that are mostly just crude drawings. So if you can help me without screaming, throwing a tantrum, or making me want to stab you to death, we can continue seeing each other.

The second test is epic shopping. I live about an hour from any decent shopping. When I go shopping its usually an all day thing. I hit as many stores as I can. My sister and I make a shopping list of the stores we want to visit and what it is we are looking for from each. If a guy is going to stick around he will eventually end up shopping with us. No one has ever survived.

Do you have a test you use to determine if someone is going to stick around.


My Theory on Who Killed Hae Min Lee

I mentioned last week that that I have been listening to Undisclosed:The State V. Adnan Syed. A big thanks to Brittany for introducing me to it. I got hooked listening to the Serial podcast and was not ready for it to end. So if you've listened to Serial and liked it you may like Undisclosed.

I say may because it is not as professionally done as serial because it is just 3 lawyers talking about the case. During the course of the podcast they drop some bombshells that made me change my previous theory.

I once believed that Jay and Jen killed Hae. I believed listening to Serial, that Jay and Jen seemed just too close for friends and that Hae may have caught them doing something they shouldn't be doing, like maybe sex or drugs. To keep Hae from telling Stephanie, they killed her. Jen even said herself that she didn't like Hae. Who else always thought Stephanie was too good for Jay?

However in episode 3 of Undisclosed we listen to Jay's Day. They play Jay's police interview recordings. Something you hear in the tape made me think that Jay may not have had anything to do with the crime. I won't spoil the fun in case you want to listen for yourself.

I still have some questions like. Why didn't they test the brandy bottle found near Hae's body? Why did  they not test the fingerprints (after they didn't check out against Jay's or Adnan's)? The car wasn't found for weeks when they found it instead of processing it where they found it, they transported it to a second location. That seems like contamination to me. I'm still uneasy about Don.  After all his boss/albi was his mom.

Once I got caught up on Undisclosed I started following Serial Dynasty.

Its a listener directed podcast hosted by a fire chief. It took me a couple of episodes to get into it. I am still not caught up with this podcast so I can't talk in length about it. They focus 2 days on Don. I don't think Don did it. Rather I think Don didn't like Hae as much as she liked him so her going missing wasn't as big of a deal as if he was in love with her. I think his mom was covering for him but just because she doesn't want him to be in trouble.

Episode 18 really floored me. Bob (the host) said he has been in contact with Jay. I was truly shocked at what Jay had to say, or rather what Jay didn't deny. That furthers my thought that Jay didn't really have anything to do with killing Hae.

So What is my new Theory?

Less than a year before Hae was found, an 18 year old Woodlawn student was found in a wooded park near a stream. Actually she was found in a stream, but the thought was that animals had drug her body to a stream. She was manually strangled to death. She was last seen in daylight driving her car, and had to pass Liberty Road.

Does that sound familiar?

At the time of Hae's murder no one knew that Roy S Davis had Killed Jada Lambert. However DNA evidence was eventually tested and matched Roy Davis. Why wasn't Hae's DNA evidence tested since her murder so closely matched Jada's? Well, the detectives thought they had their murderer with Adnan. So why even look into the possibility of Roy Davis being a serial killer.

I believe Hae stopped at the ATM near where Roy Davis lived. It was an ATM that she had used before, and she hadn't deposited her check from a few days prior.  I believe that was when he intercepted her. I think that testing the Brandy bottle and the finger print would prove that Roy Davis was the killer.

I'm not saying (Ok yes I am) that the Detectives did a terrible job of following leads and testing DNA, but I will tell you that my cousin died when I was 15 (she was 16) she was with a group of friends when she died and it took our family 23 years to get the whole story. I had to speak to a detective and believe me I had very little to tell. My interview with the detectives was brought on because a girl that hated my cousin, they had previously gotten into a physical fight, was looking through my photo album. Remember the days of photo albums instead of having all of our pictures on our phones? Anyway, She was looking through my photos and cam to one of my cousin and she said "Well I could have gone all day without seeing that?" That was it. Yet it was enough that I had to speak to the detectives. So I spoke to them over something so small. In this case people with real information were not really looked into.

If you follow Serial, Undisclosed or any of the other podcasts that talk about Adnan tell me what your theories are?

Fall Mantle and a Painted Pumpkin

Last weekend it finally felt like fall. The leaves are just starting to turn, but the temps dipped enough for us to turn on the heat and break out heavier blankets.

It was also when we decided to put on some fall decorations. Cousin IT has  been hanging out in the front yard for a few weeks now, but inside it was still saying summer with our teal birdy mantle.
cat hair & glitter summer mantle
cat hair & glitter summer mantle

So Saturday we changed the tart warmer scent to fall scents, put on Mean Girls, because it was October 3. Happy Mean Girls Day!! Then we decorated the mantle. By we decorated the mantle, I mean I watched Netflix while Abbey decorated the mantle. It may be the most glittery mantle I've ever seen. This blog isn't called Cat Hair & Glitter for nothing.
cat hair & glitter fall mantlecat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle

cat hair & glitter fall mantle
cat hair & glitter fall mantle
To carry on the glittery we decorated a Dyslexia Awareness pumpkin.  It took two coats of black craft paint. The glitter ribbon is made from left over glitter wrapping paper. The same paper we used in the bathroom. Some very valuable advice, spray it with clear spray. Otherwise the paint pulls off at the slightest touch.

cat hair & glitter Dyslexia Awareness pumpkin

cat hair & glitter Dyselxia Awareness pumpkin


That Time I Had My Fortune Told

Last weekend was my hometowns annual fall festival. I haven't lived there since I was  18, but I have only ever missed it twice. Going back is like an unofficial class reunion. You run into so many people.

This year was different because it was pouring the rain and cold. I also forgot to buy a funnel cake so I had to learn how to make them at home.

One person I did run in to was Mystic Mickey. She was reading tarot cards. My sister and I decided to give it a shot. It was only 3 dollars and Mickey looked like she could use it more than we could.

Mickey had a 6 pack a day gravely voice that was hard to understand, but added to the atmosphere. Heather went first. Picked out her three cards to represent the past, present, and future.

Mickey said "Oh an arrogant person from your past is still causing you problems now." We looked at each other and I laughed out loud, because before we found Mickey, Heather was telling me about someone that was trying to make her life miserable. Someone from her past who recently moved closer. Mickey went on to say, "Don't worry there is a rainbow at the end of the storm."

Pretty Good Mystic Mickey, but could she be accurate again?

It was my turn. I sat down, picked out my cards. She looked at me with a puzzled look and said, "A fiancee has done something really nice for you, This may lead to a choice. You need to not have any doubts and just do it." In fact my ex fiancee did edit something for me last week that may lead to an opportunity. I'll let you know if it in face presents a choice for me.

All in all Mystic Mickey did a good job. Well worth 3 dollars. I should have asked her for some relationship advice while I was there.

On a different note not 20 minutes after I left Mickey I was telling my sister to just do it. She laughing mentioned starting a blog to vent about the person causing problems. I thought the idea was hysterical and that she should do it.

Friday Five

  • You may have heard my bff (just kidding, she sucks) Kim Davis met the pope this week. To continue the KD saga this was on the corner of Main Street this week. 

    • I'm visiting my hometown today for our county fair. In my whole life I have only missed it once. I'm not ashamed to say I have pulled the girls out of school on the Friday of the fair when we have band competitions on Saturday. Thankfully this year our two day fall break fell on apple day weekend. 
    • You may have seen this on Instagram but the cats were conspiring to keep me from writing this post.
    • Its Dyslexia Awareness month. Since yesterday's post leaned more toward what dyslexics struggle with. I want to let you know what they are good at. Dyslexics tend to be more curious,intuitive and creative than non dyslexics and have an above average intelligence. 
    • I am loving my 4 day weekend.
      Dyslexics tend to be more curious, creative, and intuitive than average. - See more at: http://athome.readinghorizons.com/blog/50-interesting-facts-about-dyslexia#sthash.7SgYQ9e0.dpuf

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