Wednesday Confessions

This week has felt so weird. Monday felt like Wednesday. Tuesday felt like Monday, and now Wednesday feels like Friday. Thankfully for me this Wednesday is my Friday. I am taking the rest of the week off.

I am finally caught up on Undisclosed: The State V. Adnan Syed. If you followed Serial you may like Undisclosed. Its three lawyers talking about the evidence and updates in the case. I am hooked. I'll have a post about my thoughts on the podcast next week.

I mentioned I am taking the rest of the week off. I am going to my hometown for a while to enjoy our fall county festival. I have only missed it twice in my entire life. I may not make it home for anything else, but I always go in for Apple Day.

I have hurt my hand and have no idea how I did it. I just woke up with a sore hand, with no strength in it. After a couple of days the pain went away but now my middle finger hurts. The joke is I sprained it flipping people off.

Netflix released their new shows for October. I am so excited to see Design on a Dime, Extreme Homes, Fixer Upper, Genevieve’s Renovation, and Property Virgins Basically all thing HGTV.

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