Wednesday Confessions

I know Wednesday is almost over but I wanted to get this confession Wednesday in.

  • The girls being back in school has me stressed, it has them stressed. Abbey is back to begging to be home schooled. Emmy is crying when its the night before tests. I went to parent teacher conference for Emmy on Monday and her teachers all said not to worry that she is doing fine and such a delight in the classroom. But she is anxious. Emmy doesn't want to be home schooled because she loves her after school activities. I am already at my wits end about how to make this easier for them. 
  • Our shelter is going to euthanize a bunch of kitties this Friday if they aren't adopted and it is breaking my heart and I want to adopt them, but can't because I already need to buy kitty litter in bulk. I'm thinking maybe I should start a cat rescue instead of the small dog rescue I have wanted.
  • One of my favorite authors died this week. I didn't even know she was sick. She pretty much the author that got me excited about reading. RIP Jackie Collins.
  •  Marching Band competitions started last weekend. I have about 6 more weeks of no life until its over. So far we look and sound better than we did last year. I still miss our old director though. 
  • That reminds me my former Doctor (he left his practice to work for the VA) his son's band is back in our class (Marching Band competition class is based on school size) So I should see him at regionals this year. The followers who have been around awhile may remember that I referred to him as Doctor Sexy. 
  •  I've been watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix and its really good. The women are total opposites but their husbands were best friends and law partners. Then they realized they loved each other and left the wives so they could get married.

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