Things You Shouldn't Do While Drinking

You already know you shouldn't drink and drive. It may end well the first few times, but all it takes is that once for it to ruin lives. Well the same could be said for drinking and doing other things.

Over the weekend I changed my facebook profile picture. It wasn't anything drastic, its the same picture on my side bar only cropped in. This one innocent action caused a very drunk and very married man to send me several messages asking, no begging for topless pictures. I shouldn't have blurred his name and face out but out of respect for his family I did.

Don't drink and text or call for that matter,  for the same reasons you shouldn't drink and facebook you will end up saying something to someone that you really shouldn't. You may be able to use the I was drunk excuse, but that only goes so far. In college I dated a loser that every Thursday he would get drunk and stand outside my window yelling at me to open the window and talk to him, when I wouldn't he would go to his room and leave me 40+ voicemail messages.

Don't drink and online shop. Especially with Amazon one click. I once ended up with the complete first season of WKRP in Cincinnati. While it was a good show, there is no reason I needed it on DVD. An off topic funny story. Growing up my dad was an on air DJ. When I watched the show I always thought I was going to see him because I didn't realize that the show wasn't live, it wasn't filmed in Cincinnati which was only a couple hours drive from us, and that it wasn't a real radio station.

Don't  drink and cook, although My Drunk Kitchen is hilarious. Its not so funny when you fall asleep with food on the stove or in the oven.

Don't go to work or send work related emails from home. This will not end well. Not that I have ever done that, because that's just stupid and should totally be obvious.

Don't get a tattoo. I really feel like that is where this tattoo came from. Tats are like a marriage they are forever, or really expensive to make them not forever.
Which reminds me, don't get married, for the same reasons mentioned above.

This probably goes without saying also, but don't drink and try to shave. I can only imagine that it will end in a bloody mess.

Don't make bets or gamble in anyway. This mistake could be super costly.

Are there things I'm forgetting?

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