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I had wanted to write a post on Monday about the Miss America Pageant, but the drunk texts happened so I wrote about them instead. I was going to talk about Miss America on Tuesday, but life happened. Today seeing all the ranting about Joy Behar's comments about Miss Colorado's talent. If you missed it here it is. She talks or a couple of minutes about treating her patients as people instead of a room number, and working with a particular Alzheimer patient.

I was a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) for several years. I'd probably be a nurse now, if I could have ever passed  anatomy. I mainly worked for Hospice and other home health type work. I believe there are some truly super talented nurses. Most doctors I know credit amazing nurses for getting them through residency.

So here is my take on it.
1. The view is fully of catty women. The show would be nothing without controversy. So I don't pay one bit of attention to anything that is said on the show. I'm actually surprised its still on the air. I think it has ran its course.

2. Joy Behar is an idiot who doesn't know that nurses wear scrubs and actually use stethoscopes. Hell I had a stethoscope (it was lavender) and I actually had to use it. I own my own BP cuff too and the technical name for it is sphygmomanometer. See why its called a BP cuff. That's a mouth full.

3. I think aside from their lack of knowledge about the medical field that any average person would know. They may not have meant the comments the way they came across.

4. I have to agree it was not the best "talent" not that she is not an awesome and talented nurse but a monologue that was kinda boring was not the best avenue to show her talent as a nurse. When I saw it I couldn't help but think of Miss Congeniality 2 when Gracie Hart has to change her talent at the last minute so she demonstrates self defense. Now that would have been exciting if Miss Colorado had also demonstrated some of her skills.

I can't sing, I can still play the clarinet (go band nerds) but not well enough to use it as a talent portion of a pageant. I'd have to think outside the box too. Do you think getting 3 girls out the door every morning in 40 minutes would be an acceptable talent?

I am sad Miss Kentucky didn't win, but I couldn't be more proud of her. She had Dyslexia as her platform because she is Dyslexic. If you've been around here very long you know that Dyslexia is a subject I am passionate about, as Emmy is dyslexic. October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and I along with others in the Decoding Dyslexia Kentucky-East group I belong to have signed up to run a 5K. It will be my first ever and the most exciting part, that I just learned yesterday, is that Miss Kentucky is in my group!!!

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