Kim Davis FAQ

I know you may be getting tired of the Kim Davis BS I know I am. But, I've heard the same questions asked a few dozen times and thought I could clear some of them up.

So here ya go. The Kim Davis FAQ
Yes I am aware that the subject is FAQ and the image says everything you were afraid to ask. No one has ever said I'm consistent. Unless its that I'm consistent in my inconsistency. Anyway....Now here ya really go.

1. Why hasn't she been fired?
 As  an elected official she can't just be fired. Add to that its a small town and the other elected officials are kinda afraid to say too much for fear that they will be voted out next term. Our county attorney did file the contempt charges against her at the request of couples who have been denied. Our governor has told her repeatedly to do her job. Her response to that was to sue him. Steps are being taking to have her impeached. We are all hoping that she will be out of office soon. I always feel I need to say this because I saw the writing on the wall with that mu-mu she wore for election publicity photos, I did not vote for this crazy lady.

2. Was her mom this way?
No her mom did her job which is how she held on to it for so long and rarely had anyone run against her. Although small town politics its not uncommon to not have any opponents.

3. I heard some of the couples that came to get licenses were from Ohio, why didn't they just get licenses in Ohio?
This is false. I have corrected maybe 4 people who said this. All the couples who showed up at the court house to get a license and all couples suing her (some of which were straight couples) were from Rowan County.They lived and worked here. I have no idea where that rumor came from.

4. Why can't the couples just go to a different county?
Well this has multiple responses. 1 being why should they have to? Also again its a small town but next county over is about 30+ miles away, and that's from down town. Also lets say we give Kim the go ahead that she doesn't have to issue marriage licenses, then the next county decides they don't want to then the next one decides they don't want to. You catch my drift. If you let one, you need to let them all and you risk having people that travel half a day to get a license. Also you set yourself up for having other religions choose not to issue hunting license (which would be a BIG deal here) etc... Its just not possible to run a government office that meets the needs of everyone using only the principles of one teaching.

5. Why should she have to follow the SCOTUS ruling its not like the Supreme Court can make laws?
I swear this one makes me want to bang my head on a table. I hate history/government. It has never been a subject that I enjoy yet even I know that the Supreme Court didn't make a law they determined that laws already on the books were unconstitutional.

6. Does everyone in Kentucky dress like Kim Davis?
Oh lordy no. Actually not even every apostolic dresses like that. Yes they all wear the long skirts usually in denim (a friend of mine calls the denimites or apocalyptic) Anyway, the branch of apostolic that she belongs to say that women can't wear short sleeves. I don't know why, maybe the elbows are super sexy and cause men to not be able to control themselves. Even on my worst fashion sense day I don't dress like that. Seeing that mass of stringy hair also makes me want to cut all of mine off. I am strongly considering dressing up as Kim for Halloween. I can't think of anything scarier.

7. Did Westboro Baptist Church ever show up?
  They said they were coming to protest against Kim. Yeah that surprised all of us too. Even though there were rumors that they were in town, Nothing ever came of it. We've joked its because of parking. My office is beside campus and I have had to have kids cars towed. Some days I think it may be easier for me to just walk to work. I could, but I'm too lazy.

8. We heard licenses are being issued, are they valid.
One of her deputies has been issuing licenses since she was jailed. The governor said they are valid, the judge says they are valid. So to us they are valid. Her deputy Brian Mason has even recorded a license that a couple brought in after their ceremony.

9. Will She fire Brian (the clerk issuing licenses)?
I am thinking she may be afraid, he has lots of support especially to run against her if she isn't impeached.

10. What do you think of @nexttokimdavis
I know the person in the picture in real life and while I think its wildly hilarious I do wonder how she feels. I am also trying desperately to figure out who it is that's behind it so I can send them some diet dew. Which by the way we don't all like Mt. Dew in Kentucky. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. Check it out on twitter if you haven't already, its funny and sadly accurate.

11. What does the town think of this?
Its like I imagine the civil war to have been if they didn't actually shoot at each other. But to be very blunt, I am surprised Kim supporters haven't done that yet. There are times I am literally worried about my car being parked anywhere. I have a love wins sticker on my back window.  From a couple days after the SCOTUS ruling (when she stopped issuing licenses) there have been protesters at the court house everyday. As the days go on the hatred coming from Kim supporters increases. The Rowan Rights Coalition has stopped their protesting. Their goal was to make sure she issued licenses. licenses are being issued so no protests on their end.  She has a limited number of supporters in this community. Mostly people who have known her all her life, family friends etc...Most of the crowd of supporters you see are people that bus in from other areas. If there has to be a positive in all of this, its that the businesses are getting a boost. The hotels and  restaurants  are staying busy. A positive for me is I now know who to vote out of office (in addition to her). Pretty much we are all horribly embarrassed by the national attention. Our little bitty University made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament and no one knew who we were until this mess. Or you read my blog, but you know what I mean. We have become a house hold name for so many people who only have a raving lunatic has a reference as who we are. This is a gorgeous town. We are surrounded by a national forest and have a beautiful lake. The university is small but full of wonderful professors and my best friends husband was just named Dean. I moved here to go to college and except for 3 years, I have stayed here, and have loved it. Please don't let one idiot taint the area for you. We are not all religious wack jobs that act like we are auditioning for Hee-Haw.

12. What about the Oath Keepers what does everyone think about them saying they are sending people to keep Kim from being arrested again. 
Well, again this is a few part answer. Some are cautiously worried. Others not so much. See almost everyone I know has a gun including myself. Almost everyone I know has their concealed carry permit and has a weapon on them at all times. That's just a way of life in eastern Kentucky. Its not even something people think about. So a "heavily armed Christian Patriot group" Could mean bible study at the local Baptist church. Since the last time Kim was arrested she was summoned to court and arrested there, I can't imagine that this group will see much action. But if they want to come contribute to our economy more power to them.I have heard that they are in town now and have been to the court house. Everyone I have spoken to about it says they have been nothing but polite. So we'll see what happens when Kim shows up to work on Monday. Stay tuned for the next installment of Kimmie the Court Clerk.

And because I love a good Kim Davis meme I leave you with my current faves. If you have any questions, I am happy to attempt to answer them.

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