How to Make Cousin IT

I saw a picture I think it was on Facebook, of a Cousin IT sitting in someone's yard. I fell in love and since we didn't own any Halloween decorations. We've moved 6 times in 5 years, we only move what we love, Sadly we never really loved anything for Halloween. Anyway, The picture didn't have directions so I came up with my own.

This is beyond easy and costs under 20.

1 small tomato cage- Lowes less than 3.
4 child size hula skirts- Hobby Lobby 2.99 each
foam top hat- Hobby Lobby 2.99
Sunglasses-Had laying around the house
String- Had laying around the house
Floral pins- Walmart 97 cents a bag you only need a few. I used 3

Start with the tomato cage and wrap a hula skirt around it and tie

 It was a super windy day. 

 I just went down the cage tying the skirt on. I took each previous layer off so you could see more clearly how each layer goes on.

 Then I added all the layers together and this is what I had
 No way was the hat going to stay on, especially with the wind. So I poked a hole in the side and tied a sheer ribbon. I just used what I already had on hand. I repeated the same tying method with the sunglasses. I just used an old pair that I had handy.

Like I said it was windy and he immediately fell right over. So I used some floral pins to attach it to the ground. Stick the pin over the hoop and push into the ground. Kinda like a staple.

You may be able to find a hula skirt at your Dollar Tree or even Oriantal Trading, I just stumbled on these at Hobby Lobby.

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