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Happy Labor Day!!! It never fails every Labor Day I have to tell the story of the Labor Day when I was 6. My mom was pregnant with my sister, she was due any day so I was hearing them talk about when she goes into labor I'll have a sister. Then I got off school for Labor Day. I put two and two together and told everyone we were going to have a baby on Labor Day. Someone asked me how I knew and I explained, its labor day that's when pregnant women have their babies.

No that that's over with we can get to the real post. Shew its been crazy around here. I know you know what I mean.

The original Idea for this post was Facebook filters I need so I can avoid things like animal cruelty posts, religion, or political posts.

That got me thinking about how I was always told you don't discuss politics or religion in "polite company" Sadly facebook has become the Walmart of social media. Wanna see the redneck will the giant stomach, shirtless and spouting whatever dumbass theory he pulled out of his ass? Go to facebook. He's there, along with all his kind.

You can imagine how much my feed as exploded in the last week especially on Friday morning when our gay couples were able to get their marriage licenses.

At one point I deleted the facebook app from my phone. Then I thought I shouldn't have to deprive myself from being able to celebrate the good things my friends share, in order to get peace. Just because a few people are dying to argue doesn't mean I have to take part. I choose to avoid the negative.

So I really gave it some thought. What can I do? Only keep super close friends? Delete those that want to start arguments?  I didn't know at first but something had to be done. I could feel my blood pressure rising. I already avoid the news I get all of my news from the Skim and I avoid the comment section of anything from the local news website posts online.

I believe you have the right to post whatever you want. I have the freedom to unfollow, un friend, or even block. However a person doesn't doesn't have the right to say what they want on a status or post of mine without consequences. Yes, that happened. That is not ok.

 I don't care if it was family, friends from kindergarten or people I am super close to. I was on a mission to trim the negative and stupid from my feed.

So this is the criteria I used to take back my facebook and make it my happy place again.

If you try to tell me what I can and can't say on my page. Its only fair if I am willing to delete someone for what they are always sharing that they should be able to do the same without fuss.

If you start an argument/threaten someone on my page. Disagreeing is one thing wanting to fight is another and I will not put up with that.

For the record this comment was made to someone who didn't say or do anything threatening. 
If you post pictures or articles showing cruelty to animals. I don't want to see it.

If you post pictures of an injury to yourself. Seriously, someone posted a pic of their cut finger. Not a small cut either. Even though I have worked in the health care field. I really don't want to see that.

If what you say is completely and totally ignorant. There are large chunks of things that I don't know about, but I use google and try to learn I don't spout my theories without first finding out if what I am saying is true. You h ave no idea how many times I've told people that Snopes is their friend and they need to use it.

If I correct your your false beliefs more than once and you still cling to them. After the 4th time of telling someone that Kim Davis was NOT jailed for being a Christian but for not doing her job. Someone said its a  shame that she didn't have a trial before she was thrown in jail. People she was jailed for contempt because she chose not to follow the judges orders. He even gave her   a chance to say she would not interfere with her staff issuing licenses. She didn't even have to do them herself she just had to agree to let her staff. She said no she'd rather stay in jail. So she got sent back to jail.

If you tell me you hate gays. I don't want you near me if you hate people you don't even know.

If you make a bold statement and then say delete me if you want. Ok thanks I will.

So far its been a happier place. When people share pics of their pets, tell me what their kids have done lately. They post recipes that I will never try because I can't cook, and they post funny memes. I wish I had done it sooner. 

If you like to have fun and look at cute memes and pics of animals mostly sleeping come follow my blog on facebook. Its a drama free zone if you like that kinda thing. It will be nice having someone other than my sister following me.

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