Friday Five

We don't have a curb side recycling service so I keep a recycling container and when it gets full I drive it the couple miles to the recycling center. Last night is the first time I went there after dark, by my self. The overhead light went out and all I had was the street light. Needless to say I scared myself thinking about someone hiding in the building. The way the center is set up There is a bin for boxes and then on the wall is little doors that open to buckets that are inside the building. For whatever reason I kept imaging someone climbing through the door and then grabbing me when I opened the door. I mean look at that pic. Isn't it terrifying?

No idea why but Max my little rescue pup has starting climbing in the litter box. Not sticking his head in to get a yucky snack, but he actually climbs all the way inside the box and stand in there.

Abbey waited until the night before her biology project (a cell) was due, and thankfully we had all the material she needed just laying around in my craft mess. I'm always happy when that happens.

A friend of mine tried to fix me up with her 27 year old son. While I was flattered. I really can't imagine being a cougar.

Ok I lied its only 4 on Friday.

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