A letter to a thief

I was on facebook the other day and saw a link for the 23 funniest notes ever written to thieves. I had to click it, because I can't help checking out stuff like that. I also get bored about 4 in because hitting next is just too much for my ADHD self to handle.

Anyway, it reminded me of a time that my sister wrote a letter to a thief. 

Picture it Sicly 1922....

Ok I lie but did you get the Golden Girls reference? Picture it Kentucky, 1995. My sister had just bought a book by John Douglas. He was a criminal profiler for the FBI that wrote several books about his time profiling. We got to meet him and it was awesome. He is such an amazing speaker.

Anyway, Heather bout a book about profiling criminals and it went missing.

I should add that at the time we had a prowler. He would stand outside and watch the house. Sometimes we suspected that he had come inside but we never had proof because nothing big was ever missing. I once dated a cops son and his dad told me that unless he was on our property (he never was) or came inside (we never had proof) there really wasn't anything that could be done.

So, one day the profiling book went missing. She turned the house upside down looking for the book and couldn't find it. After a week of looking for it,  she wrote the prowler a note.

It basically said Dear, Mr Prowler I just bought that John Douglas book and wasn't finished with it yet. You can have it, but can you bring it back and let me finish it first?

A few days later the book was laying on the coffee table.

Wow rereading that. It could almost be a Halloween post, its too scary.

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