Wednesday Confessions

This week has felt so weird. Monday felt like Wednesday. Tuesday felt like Monday, and now Wednesday feels like Friday. Thankfully for me this Wednesday is my Friday. I am taking the rest of the week off.

I am finally caught up on Undisclosed: The State V. Adnan Syed. If you followed Serial you may like Undisclosed. Its three lawyers talking about the evidence and updates in the case. I am hooked. I'll have a post about my thoughts on the podcast next week.

I mentioned I am taking the rest of the week off. I am going to my hometown for a while to enjoy our fall county festival. I have only missed it twice in my entire life. I may not make it home for anything else, but I always go in for Apple Day.

I have hurt my hand and have no idea how I did it. I just woke up with a sore hand, with no strength in it. After a couple of days the pain went away but now my middle finger hurts. The joke is I sprained it flipping people off.

Netflix released their new shows for October. I am so excited to see Design on a Dime, Extreme Homes, Fixer Upper, Genevieve’s Renovation, and Property Virgins Basically all thing HGTV.


Dating Sites That Need to Happen

I get probably 20 emails a day from various dating sites. Some you'd expect like Match, Single Dating, Plenty of Fish, and Ok Cupid. Some that make me feel good like Milf Dating and Hot moms.Others just leave me scratching my heads wondering how in the world this site could apply to me. Jewish, Asian, Russian, Dating? What in the world, I am not any of those things.  There is also the sites that hurt my feelings like Senior People Meet Up. Hello, do I look like a senior citizen? Also Our time for people over 50. I know I got an AARP car in the mail last year, but I assure you I am not even close to actually qualifying.

This got me thinking that there are clearly sites for everyone but there is room for some improvement. I've come  up with a list of 3 possible dating sites that would lead the pack in couples falling in love and staying married.

Bacon & Eggs: This dating site is for the breakfast lover. Couples would describe how they like their bacon (Crispy) and how they like their eggs (Over Well) This would ensure a perfect union where no one is gagging at the other breakfast option.

Must Love Cats....and Dogs: This site is for the animal lover so never again would I have to hear someone tell me that if we are  to start dating the animals need to either find a new home or go outside. Because nothing will get you banished faster than telling me my babies aren't welcome. Aside from the obvious reason that its my house, I bought it and make the mortgage payment every month, not you. So, telling me what I can keep in my house just pisses me off. I am very serious about starting a rescue in my retirement. I want to foster cats since our animal shelter is always over crowded and have had to euthanize so many lately. It breaks my heart. I know that if I did that, I'd be tempted to keep them and I really am at the limit of what I can care for without any of them having to do without something.

Netflix Usage: I saw this on facebook and stole it. It just looks like a perfect idea. The premise is Netflix lets you know when someone single near you also marathon watches the same shows as you. I will go out on a limb and say any man who marathon watched Property Brothers this weekend, may not be interested in someone of my gender. I could be wrong though.

So anyone good at website creation wanna help me start a dating site?


Friday Five

We don't have a curb side recycling service so I keep a recycling container and when it gets full I drive it the couple miles to the recycling center. Last night is the first time I went there after dark, by my self. The overhead light went out and all I had was the street light. Needless to say I scared myself thinking about someone hiding in the building. The way the center is set up There is a bin for boxes and then on the wall is little doors that open to buckets that are inside the building. For whatever reason I kept imaging someone climbing through the door and then grabbing me when I opened the door. I mean look at that pic. Isn't it terrifying?

No idea why but Max my little rescue pup has starting climbing in the litter box. Not sticking his head in to get a yucky snack, but he actually climbs all the way inside the box and stand in there.

Abbey waited until the night before her biology project (a cell) was due, and thankfully we had all the material she needed just laying around in my craft mess. I'm always happy when that happens.

A friend of mine tried to fix me up with her 27 year old son. While I was flattered. I really can't imagine being a cougar.

Ok I lied its only 4 on Friday.


Wednesday Confessions

I know Wednesday is almost over but I wanted to get this confession Wednesday in.

  • The girls being back in school has me stressed, it has them stressed. Abbey is back to begging to be home schooled. Emmy is crying when its the night before tests. I went to parent teacher conference for Emmy on Monday and her teachers all said not to worry that she is doing fine and such a delight in the classroom. But she is anxious. Emmy doesn't want to be home schooled because she loves her after school activities. I am already at my wits end about how to make this easier for them. 
  • Our shelter is going to euthanize a bunch of kitties this Friday if they aren't adopted and it is breaking my heart and I want to adopt them, but can't because I already need to buy kitty litter in bulk. I'm thinking maybe I should start a cat rescue instead of the small dog rescue I have wanted.
  • One of my favorite authors died this week. I didn't even know she was sick. She pretty much the author that got me excited about reading. RIP Jackie Collins.
  •  Marching Band competitions started last weekend. I have about 6 more weeks of no life until its over. So far we look and sound better than we did last year. I still miss our old director though. 
  • That reminds me my former Doctor (he left his practice to work for the VA) his son's band is back in our class (Marching Band competition class is based on school size) So I should see him at regionals this year. The followers who have been around awhile may remember that I referred to him as Doctor Sexy. 
  •  I've been watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix and its really good. The women are total opposites but their husbands were best friends and law partners. Then they realized they loved each other and left the wives so they could get married.

How to Make Cousin IT

I saw a picture I think it was on Facebook, of a Cousin IT sitting in someone's yard. I fell in love and since we didn't own any Halloween decorations. We've moved 6 times in 5 years, we only move what we love, Sadly we never really loved anything for Halloween. Anyway, The picture didn't have directions so I came up with my own.

This is beyond easy and costs under 20.

1 small tomato cage- Lowes less than 3.
4 child size hula skirts- Hobby Lobby 2.99 each
foam top hat- Hobby Lobby 2.99
Sunglasses-Had laying around the house
String- Had laying around the house
Floral pins- Walmart 97 cents a bag you only need a few. I used 3

Start with the tomato cage and wrap a hula skirt around it and tie

 It was a super windy day. 

 I just went down the cage tying the skirt on. I took each previous layer off so you could see more clearly how each layer goes on.

 Then I added all the layers together and this is what I had
 No way was the hat going to stay on, especially with the wind. So I poked a hole in the side and tied a sheer ribbon. I just used what I already had on hand. I repeated the same tying method with the sunglasses. I just used an old pair that I had handy.

Like I said it was windy and he immediately fell right over. So I used some floral pins to attach it to the ground. Stick the pin over the hoop and push into the ground. Kinda like a staple.

You may be able to find a hula skirt at your Dollar Tree or even Oriantal Trading, I just stumbled on these at Hobby Lobby.


A letter to a thief

I was on facebook the other day and saw a link for the 23 funniest notes ever written to thieves. I had to click it, because I can't help checking out stuff like that. I also get bored about 4 in because hitting next is just too much for my ADHD self to handle.

Anyway, it reminded me of a time that my sister wrote a letter to a thief. 

Picture it Sicly 1922....

Ok I lie but did you get the Golden Girls reference? Picture it Kentucky, 1995. My sister had just bought a book by John Douglas. He was a criminal profiler for the FBI that wrote several books about his time profiling. We got to meet him and it was awesome. He is such an amazing speaker.

Anyway, Heather bout a book about profiling criminals and it went missing.

I should add that at the time we had a prowler. He would stand outside and watch the house. Sometimes we suspected that he had come inside but we never had proof because nothing big was ever missing. I once dated a cops son and his dad told me that unless he was on our property (he never was) or came inside (we never had proof) there really wasn't anything that could be done.

So, one day the profiling book went missing. She turned the house upside down looking for the book and couldn't find it. After a week of looking for it,  she wrote the prowler a note.

It basically said Dear, Mr Prowler I just bought that John Douglas book and wasn't finished with it yet. You can have it, but can you bring it back and let me finish it first?

A few days later the book was laying on the coffee table.

Wow rereading that. It could almost be a Halloween post, its too scary.

Miss America

I had wanted to write a post on Monday about the Miss America Pageant, but the drunk texts happened so I wrote about them instead. I was going to talk about Miss America on Tuesday, but life happened. Today seeing all the ranting about Joy Behar's comments about Miss Colorado's talent. If you missed it here it is. She talks or a couple of minutes about treating her patients as people instead of a room number, and working with a particular Alzheimer patient.

I was a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) for several years. I'd probably be a nurse now, if I could have ever passed  anatomy. I mainly worked for Hospice and other home health type work. I believe there are some truly super talented nurses. Most doctors I know credit amazing nurses for getting them through residency.

So here is my take on it.
1. The view is fully of catty women. The show would be nothing without controversy. So I don't pay one bit of attention to anything that is said on the show. I'm actually surprised its still on the air. I think it has ran its course.

2. Joy Behar is an idiot who doesn't know that nurses wear scrubs and actually use stethoscopes. Hell I had a stethoscope (it was lavender) and I actually had to use it. I own my own BP cuff too and the technical name for it is sphygmomanometer. See why its called a BP cuff. That's a mouth full.

3. I think aside from their lack of knowledge about the medical field that any average person would know. They may not have meant the comments the way they came across.

4. I have to agree it was not the best "talent" not that she is not an awesome and talented nurse but a monologue that was kinda boring was not the best avenue to show her talent as a nurse. When I saw it I couldn't help but think of Miss Congeniality 2 when Gracie Hart has to change her talent at the last minute so she demonstrates self defense. Now that would have been exciting if Miss Colorado had also demonstrated some of her skills.

I can't sing, I can still play the clarinet (go band nerds) but not well enough to use it as a talent portion of a pageant. I'd have to think outside the box too. Do you think getting 3 girls out the door every morning in 40 minutes would be an acceptable talent?

I am sad Miss Kentucky didn't win, but I couldn't be more proud of her. She had Dyslexia as her platform because she is Dyslexic. If you've been around here very long you know that Dyslexia is a subject I am passionate about, as Emmy is dyslexic. October is Dyslexia Awareness Month and I along with others in the Decoding Dyslexia Kentucky-East group I belong to have signed up to run a 5K. It will be my first ever and the most exciting part, that I just learned yesterday, is that Miss Kentucky is in my group!!!


Things You Shouldn't Do While Drinking

You already know you shouldn't drink and drive. It may end well the first few times, but all it takes is that once for it to ruin lives. Well the same could be said for drinking and doing other things.

Over the weekend I changed my facebook profile picture. It wasn't anything drastic, its the same picture on my side bar only cropped in. This one innocent action caused a very drunk and very married man to send me several messages asking, no begging for topless pictures. I shouldn't have blurred his name and face out but out of respect for his family I did.

Don't drink and text or call for that matter,  for the same reasons you shouldn't drink and facebook you will end up saying something to someone that you really shouldn't. You may be able to use the I was drunk excuse, but that only goes so far. In college I dated a loser that every Thursday he would get drunk and stand outside my window yelling at me to open the window and talk to him, when I wouldn't he would go to his room and leave me 40+ voicemail messages.

Don't drink and online shop. Especially with Amazon one click. I once ended up with the complete first season of WKRP in Cincinnati. While it was a good show, there is no reason I needed it on DVD. An off topic funny story. Growing up my dad was an on air DJ. When I watched the show I always thought I was going to see him because I didn't realize that the show wasn't live, it wasn't filmed in Cincinnati which was only a couple hours drive from us, and that it wasn't a real radio station.

Don't  drink and cook, although My Drunk Kitchen is hilarious. Its not so funny when you fall asleep with food on the stove or in the oven.

Don't go to work or send work related emails from home. This will not end well. Not that I have ever done that, because that's just stupid and should totally be obvious.

Don't get a tattoo. I really feel like that is where this tattoo came from. Tats are like a marriage they are forever, or really expensive to make them not forever.
Which reminds me, don't get married, for the same reasons mentioned above.

This probably goes without saying also, but don't drink and try to shave. I can only imagine that it will end in a bloody mess.

Don't make bets or gamble in anyway. This mistake could be super costly.

Are there things I'm forgetting?


Kim Davis FAQ

I know you may be getting tired of the Kim Davis BS I know I am. But, I've heard the same questions asked a few dozen times and thought I could clear some of them up.

So here ya go. The Kim Davis FAQ
Yes I am aware that the subject is FAQ and the image says everything you were afraid to ask. No one has ever said I'm consistent. Unless its that I'm consistent in my inconsistency. Anyway....Now here ya really go.

1. Why hasn't she been fired?
 As  an elected official she can't just be fired. Add to that its a small town and the other elected officials are kinda afraid to say too much for fear that they will be voted out next term. Our county attorney did file the contempt charges against her at the request of couples who have been denied. Our governor has told her repeatedly to do her job. Her response to that was to sue him. Steps are being taking to have her impeached. We are all hoping that she will be out of office soon. I always feel I need to say this because I saw the writing on the wall with that mu-mu she wore for election publicity photos, I did not vote for this crazy lady.

2. Was her mom this way?
No her mom did her job which is how she held on to it for so long and rarely had anyone run against her. Although small town politics its not uncommon to not have any opponents.

3. I heard some of the couples that came to get licenses were from Ohio, why didn't they just get licenses in Ohio?
This is false. I have corrected maybe 4 people who said this. All the couples who showed up at the court house to get a license and all couples suing her (some of which were straight couples) were from Rowan County.They lived and worked here. I have no idea where that rumor came from.

4. Why can't the couples just go to a different county?
Well this has multiple responses. 1 being why should they have to? Also again its a small town but next county over is about 30+ miles away, and that's from down town. Also lets say we give Kim the go ahead that she doesn't have to issue marriage licenses, then the next county decides they don't want to then the next one decides they don't want to. You catch my drift. If you let one, you need to let them all and you risk having people that travel half a day to get a license. Also you set yourself up for having other religions choose not to issue hunting license (which would be a BIG deal here) etc... Its just not possible to run a government office that meets the needs of everyone using only the principles of one teaching.

5. Why should she have to follow the SCOTUS ruling its not like the Supreme Court can make laws?
I swear this one makes me want to bang my head on a table. I hate history/government. It has never been a subject that I enjoy yet even I know that the Supreme Court didn't make a law they determined that laws already on the books were unconstitutional.

6. Does everyone in Kentucky dress like Kim Davis?
Oh lordy no. Actually not even every apostolic dresses like that. Yes they all wear the long skirts usually in denim (a friend of mine calls the denimites or apocalyptic) Anyway, the branch of apostolic that she belongs to say that women can't wear short sleeves. I don't know why, maybe the elbows are super sexy and cause men to not be able to control themselves. Even on my worst fashion sense day I don't dress like that. Seeing that mass of stringy hair also makes me want to cut all of mine off. I am strongly considering dressing up as Kim for Halloween. I can't think of anything scarier.

7. Did Westboro Baptist Church ever show up?
  They said they were coming to protest against Kim. Yeah that surprised all of us too. Even though there were rumors that they were in town, Nothing ever came of it. We've joked its because of parking. My office is beside campus and I have had to have kids cars towed. Some days I think it may be easier for me to just walk to work. I could, but I'm too lazy.

8. We heard licenses are being issued, are they valid.
One of her deputies has been issuing licenses since she was jailed. The governor said they are valid, the judge says they are valid. So to us they are valid. Her deputy Brian Mason has even recorded a license that a couple brought in after their ceremony.

9. Will She fire Brian (the clerk issuing licenses)?
I am thinking she may be afraid, he has lots of support especially to run against her if she isn't impeached.

10. What do you think of @nexttokimdavis
I know the person in the picture in real life and while I think its wildly hilarious I do wonder how she feels. I am also trying desperately to figure out who it is that's behind it so I can send them some diet dew. Which by the way we don't all like Mt. Dew in Kentucky. I am addicted to Dr. Pepper. Check it out on twitter if you haven't already, its funny and sadly accurate.

11. What does the town think of this?
Its like I imagine the civil war to have been if they didn't actually shoot at each other. But to be very blunt, I am surprised Kim supporters haven't done that yet. There are times I am literally worried about my car being parked anywhere. I have a love wins sticker on my back window.  From a couple days after the SCOTUS ruling (when she stopped issuing licenses) there have been protesters at the court house everyday. As the days go on the hatred coming from Kim supporters increases. The Rowan Rights Coalition has stopped their protesting. Their goal was to make sure she issued licenses. licenses are being issued so no protests on their end.  She has a limited number of supporters in this community. Mostly people who have known her all her life, family friends etc...Most of the crowd of supporters you see are people that bus in from other areas. If there has to be a positive in all of this, its that the businesses are getting a boost. The hotels and  restaurants  are staying busy. A positive for me is I now know who to vote out of office (in addition to her). Pretty much we are all horribly embarrassed by the national attention. Our little bitty University made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament and no one knew who we were until this mess. Or you read my blog, but you know what I mean. We have become a house hold name for so many people who only have a raving lunatic has a reference as who we are. This is a gorgeous town. We are surrounded by a national forest and have a beautiful lake. The university is small but full of wonderful professors and my best friends husband was just named Dean. I moved here to go to college and except for 3 years, I have stayed here, and have loved it. Please don't let one idiot taint the area for you. We are not all religious wack jobs that act like we are auditioning for Hee-Haw.

12. What about the Oath Keepers what does everyone think about them saying they are sending people to keep Kim from being arrested again. 
Well, again this is a few part answer. Some are cautiously worried. Others not so much. See almost everyone I know has a gun including myself. Almost everyone I know has their concealed carry permit and has a weapon on them at all times. That's just a way of life in eastern Kentucky. Its not even something people think about. So a "heavily armed Christian Patriot group" Could mean bible study at the local Baptist church. Since the last time Kim was arrested she was summoned to court and arrested there, I can't imagine that this group will see much action. But if they want to come contribute to our economy more power to them.I have heard that they are in town now and have been to the court house. Everyone I have spoken to about it says they have been nothing but polite. So we'll see what happens when Kim shows up to work on Monday. Stay tuned for the next installment of Kimmie the Court Clerk.

And because I love a good Kim Davis meme I leave you with my current faves. If you have any questions, I am happy to attempt to answer them.


How to Get Deleted From My Facebook

Happy Labor Day!!! It never fails every Labor Day I have to tell the story of the Labor Day when I was 6. My mom was pregnant with my sister, she was due any day so I was hearing them talk about when she goes into labor I'll have a sister. Then I got off school for Labor Day. I put two and two together and told everyone we were going to have a baby on Labor Day. Someone asked me how I knew and I explained, its labor day that's when pregnant women have their babies.

No that that's over with we can get to the real post. Shew its been crazy around here. I know you know what I mean.

The original Idea for this post was Facebook filters I need so I can avoid things like animal cruelty posts, religion, or political posts.

That got me thinking about how I was always told you don't discuss politics or religion in "polite company" Sadly facebook has become the Walmart of social media. Wanna see the redneck will the giant stomach, shirtless and spouting whatever dumbass theory he pulled out of his ass? Go to facebook. He's there, along with all his kind.

You can imagine how much my feed as exploded in the last week especially on Friday morning when our gay couples were able to get their marriage licenses.

At one point I deleted the facebook app from my phone. Then I thought I shouldn't have to deprive myself from being able to celebrate the good things my friends share, in order to get peace. Just because a few people are dying to argue doesn't mean I have to take part. I choose to avoid the negative.

So I really gave it some thought. What can I do? Only keep super close friends? Delete those that want to start arguments?  I didn't know at first but something had to be done. I could feel my blood pressure rising. I already avoid the news I get all of my news from the Skim and I avoid the comment section of anything from the local news website posts online.

I believe you have the right to post whatever you want. I have the freedom to unfollow, un friend, or even block. However a person doesn't doesn't have the right to say what they want on a status or post of mine without consequences. Yes, that happened. That is not ok.

 I don't care if it was family, friends from kindergarten or people I am super close to. I was on a mission to trim the negative and stupid from my feed.

So this is the criteria I used to take back my facebook and make it my happy place again.

If you try to tell me what I can and can't say on my page. Its only fair if I am willing to delete someone for what they are always sharing that they should be able to do the same without fuss.

If you start an argument/threaten someone on my page. Disagreeing is one thing wanting to fight is another and I will not put up with that.

For the record this comment was made to someone who didn't say or do anything threatening. 
If you post pictures or articles showing cruelty to animals. I don't want to see it.

If you post pictures of an injury to yourself. Seriously, someone posted a pic of their cut finger. Not a small cut either. Even though I have worked in the health care field. I really don't want to see that.

If what you say is completely and totally ignorant. There are large chunks of things that I don't know about, but I use google and try to learn I don't spout my theories without first finding out if what I am saying is true. You h ave no idea how many times I've told people that Snopes is their friend and they need to use it.

If I correct your your false beliefs more than once and you still cling to them. After the 4th time of telling someone that Kim Davis was NOT jailed for being a Christian but for not doing her job. Someone said its a  shame that she didn't have a trial before she was thrown in jail. People she was jailed for contempt because she chose not to follow the judges orders. He even gave her   a chance to say she would not interfere with her staff issuing licenses. She didn't even have to do them herself she just had to agree to let her staff. She said no she'd rather stay in jail. So she got sent back to jail.

If you tell me you hate gays. I don't want you near me if you hate people you don't even know.

If you make a bold statement and then say delete me if you want. Ok thanks I will.

So far its been a happier place. When people share pics of their pets, tell me what their kids have done lately. They post recipes that I will never try because I can't cook, and they post funny memes. I wish I had done it sooner. 

If you like to have fun and look at cute memes and pics of animals mostly sleeping come follow my blog on facebook. Its a drama free zone if you like that kinda thing. It will be nice having someone other than my sister following me.


Five on Friday

Wow what an intense week around here. I haven't done a Friday Five post in a seriously long time. The main reason is I haven't felt like I've had 5 of anything to talk about. This week is different so lets dive right in.

1. I was super happy after reading Stephanie's post about Cruelty Free makeup that only my lipstick is tested on animals, and I will be replacing it with an animal friendly option.

2. I Netflix marathon  watched  The Real Husbands of Hollywood I thought it was hysterical. Its a spoof of the Real Housewives.

3. I found a book I read a million times when I was in high school and college and just had to buy it. It was only 2.50 that was a double win. Scruples was published in 1978 I really don't remember how I ended up with my original copy, but the sequel came out in 1992.

4. I get a three day weekend. I am so looking forward to it. I'm just finishing up a very busy couple of months at work and its so good to come back from a long weekend and have a more manageable pace. On a side note I received a card in the mail thanking me for my hard work and dedication the last few months because it made their lives easier. That melted my little stone heart.

5. It appears that the County Clerk drama in my town is now resolved. In case you have missed it all over the news you can read my last post about it here. The judge jailed her for contempt. Then after all the deputies except her son agreed to issue marriage licenses they have her a chance to agree to not interfere with the issuing of license. Not issue them herself but not order her staff to refuse to issue them. She declined so back to jail she went. Personally having my weight splashed all over the news would be more than enough to get me to comply. That is if I didn't support equality already. But we all know I do. So I leave you her mug shot and my newest favorite memes. If you haven't been follow @nexttokimdavis do it because its hilarious.

oh and as a bonus. If you are curious why she was jailed and not fined. Because people were crowd sourcing to raise money for her fine.

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Kim Davis is NOT My Morehead

Another day, another post about our drama. Although I am sure you have heard because I wrote about it here, here and here. Also its been literally everywhere,  CNN. NBC, The Huffington Post, NY Times and celebrities like Kevin Smith and John Barrowman commented on it. This is just to name a few. There are also countless videos from the front lines.

I just don't even know where to begin. For one, I've heard the county name mispronounced. Yeah I know that's not a big deal. But for the record, its pronounced Rou-In not Row-An.
The sticker on my car. Too be honest tensions are high and I'm afraid to leave my car parked in public lots for fear of damage.
 You know what, I do know where to begin. I moved to Morehead when I was 18 to attend school. I am from a town farther east. My hometown was so small and backward that I never saw a same sex couple, no one I knew that was gay was out. To say I was sheltered and a little cultural shocked would be an understatement. Thankfully that has changed and my little hometown is more diverse now, and my gay friends feel comfortable being out. I love them the same now as I did then. I admire them for their strength.  Now, Morehead is not a big city. We have a university but the town is still very much a small town. I love that. (side note that's why when I moved away to Lexington, I moved back to Morehead to raise my kids because I love that small town feel) I love that I know all the parents of my kids friends. Not everyone in town is like Kim or her supporters.

I met my first lesbian couple raising kids together when I was 19. I had just started working for the university's child care center and believe me naive Holly had lots of judgement. I went in thinking how embarrassing for the kids. I thought many other stupid things that I am too embarrassed to post. But something amazing happened. I got to know them, and their precious children. I got to witness two people that loved each other very much and wanted to be parents together so bad that they found a way to make it work. I discovered that the only thing different between them and the other parents is that they can share each others clothes (although they wouldn't because they had widely different tastes) I got to witness parents that accepted their children for who they were. I love telling the story to Abbey of the time their oldest came to child care wearing a crown and full pink glitter princess garb. The mom just laughed and shook her head and said "What can you do?" I do this to Abbey often when she dressed in "Lesbian Chic" Real parents love and accept their children for who they are. I don't know if I would be the parent I am today if I hadn't met them and had them open my eyes.
First Day of School wearing Lesbian Chic
 Years later I was working at a church as the coordinator of the nursery program. As a church leader I had to attend a leadership training on ministering to others. We watched a video that really spoke to me. I wish I knew the name of the video or where to link to it. I'll try to describe it the best I can. A heathen moves into the neighborhood and the neighbors are all Christian's who want to convert him to Christianity and save him from his evil ways. They are very confrontational telling him what he is doing wrong and telling him he will go to hell. When that doesn't work they rent a blimp and everyday drop bible verses in his yard. His next door neighbor (part of the Christian's) thinks there is a better way and after being unable to convince his friends, he stops participating. Instead he goes to his neighbor and talks to him as a friend. He listens and shares stories and after awhile the heathen neighbor decides to come to church. When the Christian men ask how he did it. He explains what he did. I think so many Christians today take the hit people over the head with their belief in order to get them to convert instead of talking to and sharing their story. I bet if the anti equality group took the time to get to know the other side they would see that they aren't much different, except who they love.

My point is GOD is love, and we are all equal.

In case you want an update on the drama without having to read through the transcripts. The judge summoned her and all of her staff to court on Thursday. The couples suing her have asked that she not receive jail time. I myself would request the max of everything possible. But I am a vindictive bitch. Don't believe me, ask my ex husbands. Anyway, I have no idea what will happen. I do know this has taught me so much about government and law. I am in awe of my lawyer friends. There is no way I have the patience or self restraint to do your jobs.

I'm leaving you today with some of my favorite meme's because they are funny and if we can't laugh what can we do.
For the record this was her campaign picture. I fully admit I refused to vote for her because the picture alone screamed HOT MESS!!! Looks like people should have listened to me.
This is probably what I'll look like when its all over
Oh lord this one is my fave!!
I had to ask who he was....Apparently my not knowing he was on Dr. Who and Torchwood has earned me no brownie points with the kids in the house.
Oh who doesn't love Monster's Inc.

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