We're Still Famous

You may remember my post or saw on the news my little town is famous. Famous for having a really crappy county clerk. You can read the original post here. Long story short. She decided she didn't want to follow the Supreme Courts ruling on same sex marriages. The governor told her to do her job, the attorney general told her to do her job. People have been protesting outside her office almost daily since the ruling. She has 4 couples suing her. Two same sex and Two opposite sex (because she just stopped issuing licenses to anyone)..

She decided to sue the governor because he isn't supporting her decision to stop doing part of her job.

The federal judge that heard the case against her came back with a ruling this week. Obviously he also told her to do her job. The day after the ruling several couples went to the court house to get licenses, they were denied again. She decided today is a good day to go on vacation. Her staff, gave the number to her lawyers to all that came in seeking licenses. You can read more about it on the NY Times website.

Its beyond ridiculous. She is a black eye to the entire town. I don't know who else she is wanting to be told to do her job from. The President? 

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