Stacy and Clinton We Need You

A couple of years ago, the fashion world was sad to see the end of the show What Not To Wear. For those that don't know. The show was about transforming the fashion hopeless. If ever this dynamic duos needed to come out of retirement it is to rescue our frumpy County Clerk, hopefully soon to be ex county clerk.

I know I have written about her several time. Here, and Here. Today is the day that the Judge denies her stay, and actually forces her to do her job, or holds her in contempt.  You can read his ruling from last week here.  I didn't vote for her. Not because she was a different political party than me. I didn't vote for her because her publicity pics made her look like a big ball of crap. If she can't chose an outfit how can she make decisions based on her office.

She is in a position that she needs some help. No not legal help, but it's obvious to me that she needs some better legal counsel.  I guess you really do get what you pay for and she isn't paying anything. What's most important is, she needs some fashion help. After she serves her time for contempt of court she will be ready to reenter society as a free women, a free unemployed women. Having been locked into a job for decades thanks to her mom she has never had to think about interview wear, or everyday on the job wear, or hey I am a loser and the town hates me wear. All of that needs to be addressed and personally I think only Stacy and Clinton are tough and talented enough to handle this mess. Since she will have fines, and won't have her 80+ thousand dollar job anymore she won't have the money for new clothes. So she could really use that WNTW credit card.

Stacy and Clinton if you hear me, PLEASE bring What Not To Wear Back at least for this fashion victim. Its a style emergency if ever there was one. Do it for the people who have to look at her if nothing else.

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