Our Most Performed Task

There is one task my family seems to do more than any other task. I bet your thinking we like to play board games? nope, not really. Riding bikes? Nope, we all suck at that. Volunteering at the homeless shelter? Are you kidding me? Do you give up? Are you ready for me to just get on with it and tell you?

We name pets. That's our  thing. A friend of mine had 5 cute as a button baby kitties that needed a home. So I did a kitty photo shoot and within an hour had two people  fighting over one of the kitties.
They all found a home, except for one. You may notice I didn't feature this kitty in the pics. I actually only shared one not very good pic of her. I think I was sabotaging her chances so I could justify taking her. Because how could I let this poor baby stay all by its self? Its momma and daddy were both gone and now all of its siblings had found a home.

So you guessed it, I took her. Poor baby of course needed a name. She is  in pretty good hands as we are expert pet namers. Although with cats named, Katniss, Arabella, and Phoenix Nebula, you may be doubting our skills. We also have a Tiger and an Ollie so I feel we are able to branch out from crazy to traditional. The dogs have totally normal names, Max and Westley. So which way did we go with new kitty?
It could be anything.  Some names thrown around were Lenore, Atticus, wecan'tthinkofagoodname, but finally the perfect name appeared and its perfect. At least in my opinion it is.
 We named her Lilly. The color pattern reminds me of Lilly Munster. So welcome Miss Lilly to the hoard. She sure won't miss her litter mates with her new brothers and sisters around.

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