My boyfriend Greg

I spent Saturday with my boyfriend Greg. I know you're thinking What?! We didn't know you had a boyfriend. Don't worry he doesn't know either.

Anyway, I got to see my favorite comedian and celebrity crush Greg Warren. He was hysterical as usual. I knew we were in for an interesting night when there was an already very drunk group in line ahead of me. They were rude and heckled to the point that a girl sitting in front of me (I was second row center) turned around and yelled, "Shut the F*@! up" Greg said, "See even she is tired of your shit" I was surprised that management didn't do something about them sooner I'd have asked them to leave during the opening act.
              This was us last year 

After the show he posed for a pic with me, and signed a CD. I told him I already owned it digitally, but its nice to have a hard copy that he addressed to me.

You really need to check him out. He is on this season of Last Comic Standing, But he has lots of stuff on youtube and of course check out his website and see when he is coming to a place near you.
 Don't tell him that his girlfriend sent ya though, I don't want to violate the restraining order. Just Kidding there is no restraining order.

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