What to do when it won't stop raining

It has rained nearly every day for a week. I have had some projects around the house that have been on hold. I still don't have the fence panel screwed to the post. I have the materials to start the garden pond, but I can't do that until the fence is finished. I still have shutters from a window that needs to hung up. None of this can get done with the rain.

So what I have been doing instead of all the outdoor projects that I've wanted to do

I finished Ace of Cakes, and 1 season of The Next Food Network Star. I was happy that the winner was from Kentucky.

Catching up on the County Clerk Drama
I mentioned my little town was famous on Monday the saga continues we made a Huff Post segment (its toward the end of the video) The clerks that are opposed to the decision asked the governor to hold a special session. He declined. People from both sides are protesting every day.

There is something about rain that always makes me want to sleep. I just can't seem to keep my eyes open.

 I have gotten side tracked from my diet so to get back in the swing of things I've been baking snacks that I can take with me. Baked cheese chips are super quick. Preheat the oven to 300 in a shallow pan (I use a baking pan designed for muffin tops) sprinjle the cheese you want to use until it covers the bottom. I used Parmesan (shredded and grated) and then I also used mild cheddar (shredded). Baked until melted about 10 minutes. Let it cool off and it should slide right off the pan.
Before going in the oven
After 10 minutes

I'm really hoping for a dry weekend I really want to finish these projects before life gets crazy with school back in session. 


  1. I really should learn to stay out of the comments sections of news articles. It does me no favors at all.

  2. I NEVER read comment sections. It is full of idiots

  3. Mmm cheese chips. Now I'm hungry

  4. OMG it is soo good and easy

  5. I ALWAYS read the comments, because of the idiots.

  6. I love watching Ace Of Cakes. They make such awesome cakes.

  7. I know they are so talented. I bet working there is fun.

  8. but you like arguing with idiots online and I do not....don't engage the crazy is my new motto

  9. Baked cheese chips?
    What is this sorcery?

  10. Baked cheese chips sound amazing. Must try this immediately!

  11. Seriously sooo good and sooo easy

  12. its the best. I love it


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