Things I Won't Miss About Elementary School

With only one  full week of summer break left I've been thinking a lot about elementary school and what I will and will not miss. It all started when I was planning the PTO table for the open houses. Why do I consider next week part of vacation when we have school functions already.

As I was writing this years welcome letter to the families and inviting them to our first meeting, basically trying to convince them that I am fun and they want to come hang out with me for an hour once a month. Just because it's a meeting doesn't mean it can't be fun. I stopped to write the open house date in my planner, and then started to check when the elementary school Ice Cream Social is, so I can make sure Emmy doesn't miss it. That's when I  realized. Emmy won't be going to the Ice Cream Social. She'll be with me, at the middle school, like a big kid. When the crap did my baby become a big kid?

I have come to kind accept it. Not really, but I do have to pretend. With her moving to a new school I get to say goodbye to some things I absolutely despise.

The beginning of the year computers for Education fundraiser. Maybe that's not the name of it, because I tried to Google it and can't find it. Basically you have these cards and have to write address of people who may buy magazine subscriptions. I hate this so freakin' bad. There is no one I despise enough to send these cards to. At first I did it, I caved to the please of everyone is doing it, I can get a shirt (ugly and tacky btw) I can get a toy (cheap and tacky). Finally a couple of years ago I just said no more. The girls empty them into the trash when they came home from school. The middle school doesn't do that. Because I refuse to annoy parents with mundane fundraisers like that. It's all about fun, and no tacky toys/clothing.

The car rider lane. If I had a dollar for every child I have seen throw a fit and have to be drug from the car by the parent and staff, I'd be getting all of the girls school supplies for free. Why do I always get behind the anger management kids? No more parents who feel the need to get out of their car and help their little prince/princess out of the car. For the love of GOD if your kid can't exit the car alone, park in a spot and help them in. I yelled that nearly every morning last year. Emmy said it's strange that I can be yelling at the car in front of me, and then turn to her and in a sweet voice say "I love you, have a great day, I'll pick you up after school, listen to your teacher." I also say that every morning. I know some parents drop their children off and then go home. I dropped one off, drove across the county and dropped another one off and then went to work. Timing is everything and you stopping your car and getting out throws that off.

Driving across town. Since we are on the subject of driving. I no longer have to drive 3 miles one way, then drive back past the house 2 miles and then drive back past the house again to get to work. I love that they will be within walking distance to each other and I can by pass cross town traffic.

 The evil bitch of a teacher. You may remember be ranting about her. She's the one that said she didn't know what dyslexia was and said that Emmy was just lazy. I stand by what I said, I feel sorry for every child that they place in your class, you are the worst teacher I have ever encountered and give tenure a very bad rap.

Now don't get me wrong for the very few bad things there were so many positives that I am going to miss. A few of the big things I'll miss are:

The teachers (except evil bitch teacher) and staff. We had so much support from everyone except EBT (Evil Bitch Teacher) when Emmy was diagnosed with dyslexia. I'll miss her 1st, 4th and 5th grade teachers the most. These girls all went out of their way to make sure her experience was a great one and that the setbacks didn't tarnish her love of learning. Seriously I will never be able to thank  them enough for how awesome they are. I made so many friends in the office, and with the supportive staff that I feel like I am leaving home.

Car Rider in the afternoon. For as crazy the mornings make me, the afternoons are the total opposite. I will miss sitting outside waiting for one of Emmy's after school activities to end and talking. The middle school, after school is scary busy. I dread that.

The Events. I'll miss the Fall Festival, and the Winter and Spring concerts. I have wanted to do a Fall Festival for the middle school, but Fall is the busiest time for all the parent volunteers. We all seem to have kids in Fall sports. I think I'll miss the Winter Concert the most. You haven't seen cute, until you've seen kindergarteners singing in their PJ's.

Homework. Except for the reading log, which I assure you I will NOT miss, I will miss that we only had homework a couple of nights a week and it was really low key. I am not ready for middle school homework.

I guess having a big kid isn't that bad, at least I won't be screaming at the cars in front of me every morning.

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