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 Last week I literally LOL'd as I read A Beer For the Shower's post about how Bryan's wife loves to volunteer and a few of the people she encounters while volunteering . I just can't even do its justice so go read it.

Little did I know the very next day by hometown could use her help. While I was safely at my house complaining about how my grass was so tall my dogs were getting lost in it. An hour away a flash flood was destroying 150+ homes, cars, killing 4 people, and who knows how many animals are lost or dead.

Needless to say they became prime candidates for volunteers. The outpouring of support has been great. Duracell brought a truck to hand out batteries, offer free wifi, and offer a charging station for cell phones. Restaurants, have donated food, There are several donation drop off locations like the high school, the elementary school near the flood zone, community centers,  and churches. A band is even hosting a free concert to raise money. Nurses Registry brought

One thing that has really annoyed me is the posts from facebook (no idea why I still read it, it just gets my blood boiling) I hate the people who post that they have driven through and looked at the damage and that we all should pray. I want to scream.WTF are you praying for? Help for the victims of the flood? I hate to break it to you but you could have answered your own prayer. You're sitting there in your car, DO SOMETHING! Take supplies from one of the many drop of locations and take it to someone you see working. Get out of your car and help them sort through their belongings. Take them food, donate money to the Johnson County Long-Term Relief Committe,  But for the love GOD don't tell someone to pray and then go on back to your nice comfy house and talk about how awful it is and how someone should do something. I live an hour away and I've made donations.  There is no excuse to sit back and hope someone else does it for you.

My ex father in law and sister in law were interviewed by a local news station. They lost everything. My ex father in law built his house with his wife, who passed away several years ago. It breaks my heart that he has lost the last thing he had of her.

Here are just some pictures taken of the aftermath.

I would love to say that it finally stopped raining, but it hasn't. I'm not really sure how much more rain people can handle. 


  1. I'm finding that a lot of people, even here in Kentucky, don't understand just how *weird* all this is.
    Yes, some of these homes were built in what used to be low-lying creek beds, or other risky flood plain areas, and had just been lucky in previous years; which is what people seem to assume. But a lot of the homes that were destroyed were *not*.
    Much like the recent tornado damage of a couple years back, the reach and severity of these floods was completely out of character for the area. I'm worried about what that means, in coming years. The weather rules of the region are changing, and there's no way to tell where- or who- is safe anymore.

  2. abeerfortheshowerJuly 20, 2015 at 9:22 AM

    Wow, that's insane. Those houses look like they got tossed in a giant blender and then spat out.

    Well, I'm glad my wife's story could make you laugh, at least. And it's 100% true, especially via Facebook. "I'm praying for them" is the most noncommittal way a person can convince themselves they're helping. And like you said, what's praying going to do? Is God going to undo all of the wreckage, put everything back together, and say "My bad, guys. Thank Me you prayed about it, or this would have been totally permanent."

    Even if all you do is walk to your pantry, take out 6 cans of food you weren't even going to use anyway, and drive it to a food bank, you've at least done SOMETHING.

  3. Omgosh this is horrible!! People should be helping!

  4. Oh no! That's awful. I had no idea flooding was happening anywhere in the country. I'm not a fan of prayer as a solution either (for multiple reasons).

  5. The town I lived in flooded twice in a week, but not near to this magnitude of damage. I think with both floods maybe 10-15 houses were damaged. I know to those 10-15 its a really big deal. I'm glad I live on a hill. If I flood the entire town is wiped out.

  6. They are getting lots of help, I'm just frustrated at the people not helping yet but wanting others to. .

  7. Thank me you prayed...I died lol. That was my point there are so many things you can do. Even from afar, I did something. I wish I could do more, but at least I know I helped.

  8. I know. First time I went to Mikes, I asked about flooding, because they are right there where the creek Y's. He said even the worst flood has only ever gotten up in the yard. Never even to the cars. It has broken my heart that the house and everything is destroyed. The flooding at Wades store blew my mind. Rowan Co has flooded at least 3 times since April. Once down town, Halderman, and Dry Creek. Olive Hill flooded twice in a month. It was only a few years ago that Farmers/Salt Lick flooded so bad. I still think I may be safe in case of a bad flood, I have considered adding flood insurance just in case, even though I am not in a flood zone at all. But I am concerned about how many floods are happening. I heard someone say cleaning the creeks may help. I'm not sure that will help, but it sounded good.

  9. I can't even imagine.

    But you are SO RIGHT. I hate it when people sit by and let other people do the work and only encourage others to pray, rather than being the answer to someone else's prayer.

  10. Oh yikes. We had a lot of rain in May that destroyed homes.


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