Happy Birthday to Me

Saturday was my birthday. My most favorite Hollyday. I spent it with some of my favorite people. My girlies and my college roommates. We told the girls all kinds of scandalous stories about things we did. One thing they hadn't heard about was the Wall of Shit. I was happy to see it lives on.

We had a teeny tiny bathroom. Actually it was just a toilet room because the tub/shower were in a separate room. My roommate Barb wall papered the walls with poster board. Since we were poor college students the poster boards were actually the backside of sports schedules. We named it the Wall of Shit and used it to doodle or write whatever came to mind. We even left insulting notes for each other.
The Wall of Shit looks a little more grown up these days. I saw this picture on HOUZZ and really considered doing this is my own house. The Wall of Shit has so many great memories.

To ask the age old question. What do you call the capitol of Kentucky? Is is Louis-Ville or Lou-avull? Neither its Frankfort. Since we were celebrating in the home of our state capitol, Emmy wanted to visit it. She said she had never seen it before. Barb was a good sport and drove us to the front steps.
No clue what kind of face she is making
Yes she is my height. No it doesn't make me happy.
Sunday I woke up with a to-do list. While grocery shopping, I ran across this as I left the store. I really wanted to take her but she had water and seemed taken care of despite being tied to a backpack. So instead of stealing her I opened up one of the packs of wet dogs food that I bought for my boys and gave it to her, OMG she was so cute. When I bent down to open the food she did the begging motion with her paws. It totally melted me. You have no idea how hard it was not to take this baby home with me.

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