Abbey and I have gone round and round about her wanting to wear boys basketball shorts. My take on that is just because she is a lesbian doesn't mean she has to dress bad. There is nothing flattering about baggy shorts made for a guy. Yes, I know I should be happy she isn't wanting to wear booty shorts and revealing tops. I'm starting to think its a mom thing and no mom is happy with how their kid dresses.

The relationship with my high school ex is over. I'm really unhappy with how it ended. Abbey had this whole skit about me (pre-breakup) about how I've never been single a day in my life and I came out of the womb dating the boy born in the room next door. Now that I am single, I will tell you, its pretty sad. I didn't realize how much of my day was texting and thinking about him.  I feel a void and while I have tried to stay busy (walked 3 miles yesterday) Its still there.

Have you heard about Cecil the Lion and how a dentist hunted him and killed him just for the fun of it? I'd attach links, but truthfully just google it  and you will find a million news outlets talking about it. This really makes me mad. I don't think sport hunting is cool at all. I also happen to think if something has a name you don't hunt it or kill it.

School is starting in just a couple of weeks, and to be honest I am just not ready. I don't feel like I've actually had a summer. Even though I took several days off. All the rain has made it feel pretty bleak.

Jen Lancaster has a new book coming out next week and I absolutely can't wait to read it. She has the first two chapters on her website and they were awesome.

Abbey and I have been debating the Sandra Bland death. I hadn't heard about it, but she caught me up to speed and google (what would we do without google) filled me in on the rest. If you haven't heard, she was pulled over for a traffic violation and ended up in jail and dead within three days. Autopsy reports were consistent with hanging herself with a trash bag. There is a group that believed she was dead when her mug shot was taken. Personally I have seen more dead bodies than I care to count and she didn't look the least bit dead to me.

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