Things I Won't Miss About Elementary School

With only one  full week of summer break left I've been thinking a lot about elementary school and what I will and will not miss. It all started when I was planning the PTO table for the open houses. Why do I consider next week part of vacation when we have school functions already.

As I was writing this years welcome letter to the families and inviting them to our first meeting, basically trying to convince them that I am fun and they want to come hang out with me for an hour once a month. Just because it's a meeting doesn't mean it can't be fun. I stopped to write the open house date in my planner, and then started to check when the elementary school Ice Cream Social is, so I can make sure Emmy doesn't miss it. That's when I  realized. Emmy won't be going to the Ice Cream Social. She'll be with me, at the middle school, like a big kid. When the crap did my baby become a big kid?

I have come to kind accept it. Not really, but I do have to pretend. With her moving to a new school I get to say goodbye to some things I absolutely despise.

The beginning of the year computers for Education fundraiser. Maybe that's not the name of it, because I tried to Google it and can't find it. Basically you have these cards and have to write address of people who may buy magazine subscriptions. I hate this so freakin' bad. There is no one I despise enough to send these cards to. At first I did it, I caved to the please of everyone is doing it, I can get a shirt (ugly and tacky btw) I can get a toy (cheap and tacky). Finally a couple of years ago I just said no more. The girls empty them into the trash when they came home from school. The middle school doesn't do that. Because I refuse to annoy parents with mundane fundraisers like that. It's all about fun, and no tacky toys/clothing.

The car rider lane. If I had a dollar for every child I have seen throw a fit and have to be drug from the car by the parent and staff, I'd be getting all of the girls school supplies for free. Why do I always get behind the anger management kids? No more parents who feel the need to get out of their car and help their little prince/princess out of the car. For the love of GOD if your kid can't exit the car alone, park in a spot and help them in. I yelled that nearly every morning last year. Emmy said it's strange that I can be yelling at the car in front of me, and then turn to her and in a sweet voice say "I love you, have a great day, I'll pick you up after school, listen to your teacher." I also say that every morning. I know some parents drop their children off and then go home. I dropped one off, drove across the county and dropped another one off and then went to work. Timing is everything and you stopping your car and getting out throws that off.

Driving across town. Since we are on the subject of driving. I no longer have to drive 3 miles one way, then drive back past the house 2 miles and then drive back past the house again to get to work. I love that they will be within walking distance to each other and I can by pass cross town traffic.

 The evil bitch of a teacher. You may remember be ranting about her. She's the one that said she didn't know what dyslexia was and said that Emmy was just lazy. I stand by what I said, I feel sorry for every child that they place in your class, you are the worst teacher I have ever encountered and give tenure a very bad rap.

Now don't get me wrong for the very few bad things there were so many positives that I am going to miss. A few of the big things I'll miss are:

The teachers (except evil bitch teacher) and staff. We had so much support from everyone except EBT (Evil Bitch Teacher) when Emmy was diagnosed with dyslexia. I'll miss her 1st, 4th and 5th grade teachers the most. These girls all went out of their way to make sure her experience was a great one and that the setbacks didn't tarnish her love of learning. Seriously I will never be able to thank  them enough for how awesome they are. I made so many friends in the office, and with the supportive staff that I feel like I am leaving home.

Car Rider in the afternoon. For as crazy the mornings make me, the afternoons are the total opposite. I will miss sitting outside waiting for one of Emmy's after school activities to end and talking. The middle school, after school is scary busy. I dread that.

The Events. I'll miss the Fall Festival, and the Winter and Spring concerts. I have wanted to do a Fall Festival for the middle school, but Fall is the busiest time for all the parent volunteers. We all seem to have kids in Fall sports. I think I'll miss the Winter Concert the most. You haven't seen cute, until you've seen kindergarteners singing in their PJ's.

Homework. Except for the reading log, which I assure you I will NOT miss, I will miss that we only had homework a couple of nights a week and it was really low key. I am not ready for middle school homework.

I guess having a big kid isn't that bad, at least I won't be screaming at the cars in front of me every morning.


Abbey and I have gone round and round about her wanting to wear boys basketball shorts. My take on that is just because she is a lesbian doesn't mean she has to dress bad. There is nothing flattering about baggy shorts made for a guy. Yes, I know I should be happy she isn't wanting to wear booty shorts and revealing tops. I'm starting to think its a mom thing and no mom is happy with how their kid dresses.

The relationship with my high school ex is over. I'm really unhappy with how it ended. Abbey had this whole skit about me (pre-breakup) about how I've never been single a day in my life and I came out of the womb dating the boy born in the room next door. Now that I am single, I will tell you, its pretty sad. I didn't realize how much of my day was texting and thinking about him.  I feel a void and while I have tried to stay busy (walked 3 miles yesterday) Its still there.

Have you heard about Cecil the Lion and how a dentist hunted him and killed him just for the fun of it? I'd attach links, but truthfully just google it  and you will find a million news outlets talking about it. This really makes me mad. I don't think sport hunting is cool at all. I also happen to think if something has a name you don't hunt it or kill it.

School is starting in just a couple of weeks, and to be honest I am just not ready. I don't feel like I've actually had a summer. Even though I took several days off. All the rain has made it feel pretty bleak.

Jen Lancaster has a new book coming out next week and I absolutely can't wait to read it. She has the first two chapters on her website and they were awesome.

Abbey and I have been debating the Sandra Bland death. I hadn't heard about it, but she caught me up to speed and google (what would we do without google) filled me in on the rest. If you haven't heard, she was pulled over for a traffic violation and ended up in jail and dead within three days. Autopsy reports were consistent with hanging herself with a trash bag. There is a group that believed she was dead when her mug shot was taken. Personally I have seen more dead bodies than I care to count and she didn't look the least bit dead to me.


Happy Birthday to Me

Saturday was my birthday. My most favorite Hollyday. I spent it with some of my favorite people. My girlies and my college roommates. We told the girls all kinds of scandalous stories about things we did. One thing they hadn't heard about was the Wall of Shit. I was happy to see it lives on.

We had a teeny tiny bathroom. Actually it was just a toilet room because the tub/shower were in a separate room. My roommate Barb wall papered the walls with poster board. Since we were poor college students the poster boards were actually the backside of sports schedules. We named it the Wall of Shit and used it to doodle or write whatever came to mind. We even left insulting notes for each other.
The Wall of Shit looks a little more grown up these days. I saw this picture on HOUZZ and really considered doing this is my own house. The Wall of Shit has so many great memories.

To ask the age old question. What do you call the capitol of Kentucky? Is is Louis-Ville or Lou-avull? Neither its Frankfort. Since we were celebrating in the home of our state capitol, Emmy wanted to visit it. She said she had never seen it before. Barb was a good sport and drove us to the front steps.
No clue what kind of face she is making
Yes she is my height. No it doesn't make me happy.
Sunday I woke up with a to-do list. While grocery shopping, I ran across this as I left the store. I really wanted to take her but she had water and seemed taken care of despite being tied to a backpack. So instead of stealing her I opened up one of the packs of wet dogs food that I bought for my boys and gave it to her, OMG she was so cute. When I bent down to open the food she did the begging motion with her paws. It totally melted me. You have no idea how hard it was not to take this baby home with me.


Praying for you

 Last week I literally LOL'd as I read A Beer For the Shower's post about how Bryan's wife loves to volunteer and a few of the people she encounters while volunteering . I just can't even do its justice so go read it.

Little did I know the very next day by hometown could use her help. While I was safely at my house complaining about how my grass was so tall my dogs were getting lost in it. An hour away a flash flood was destroying 150+ homes, cars, killing 4 people, and who knows how many animals are lost or dead.

Needless to say they became prime candidates for volunteers. The outpouring of support has been great. Duracell brought a truck to hand out batteries, offer free wifi, and offer a charging station for cell phones. Restaurants, have donated food, There are several donation drop off locations like the high school, the elementary school near the flood zone, community centers,  and churches. A band is even hosting a free concert to raise money. Nurses Registry brought

One thing that has really annoyed me is the posts from facebook (no idea why I still read it, it just gets my blood boiling) I hate the people who post that they have driven through and looked at the damage and that we all should pray. I want to scream.WTF are you praying for? Help for the victims of the flood? I hate to break it to you but you could have answered your own prayer. You're sitting there in your car, DO SOMETHING! Take supplies from one of the many drop of locations and take it to someone you see working. Get out of your car and help them sort through their belongings. Take them food, donate money to the Johnson County Long-Term Relief Committe,  But for the love GOD don't tell someone to pray and then go on back to your nice comfy house and talk about how awful it is and how someone should do something. I live an hour away and I've made donations.  There is no excuse to sit back and hope someone else does it for you.

My ex father in law and sister in law were interviewed by a local news station. They lost everything. My ex father in law built his house with his wife, who passed away several years ago. It breaks my heart that he has lost the last thing he had of her.

Here are just some pictures taken of the aftermath.

I would love to say that it finally stopped raining, but it hasn't. I'm not really sure how much more rain people can handle. 

Wild Weekend Painting

There was a time when a weekend with the entire house to myself would mean I'd do something fun. When I learned that my sister was taking my daughter, and dad away for the weekend, I made a list of projects I wanted to get done. Of that list, I only got paint the living room finished.

I fell in love with a color from the HGTV line at lowes. unfortunately, they require you to mix it with the HGTV paint. I usually love lowes paint. It goes on with one coat but this brand was horribly watery. 2 complete coats and a few spot painting later and I think I am finished. There are still spots that don't have coverage like I wanted but I have to live with it.

I listened to Pandora while I painted and I promise you I head the same songs about 20 times. Is it just me or is the song take your time, the nicest way to ask for a one night stand?

I tried to get the dogs to help. I think they thought I mean lay around and pretend to be asleep.

Anyway, Here is the before of the living room
Here is the after


Sharks and notes

According to my newsfeed its Sharkweek. I really wouldn't have known otherwise because I don't have cable. But as soon as I found out, my boys demanded to get in on the shark week action, by dressing up.

This week the stores started putting out school supplies. I love school supply time. There is something exciting about new pencils, pens, and notebooks.

I attended a conference last month and the trainer mentioned that she keeps a little notebook with her to jot down notes, lists, or other things she wants to remember. I loved this idea. At first I didn't think it would work for me, because I didn't want to be flipping through page after page looking for stuff I wrote down. I wanted a way to make it organized into categories. I also wanted something reasonably small so I could carry it with me. I had been using notebooks, and legal pads, and mini legal pads. Long story short I wrote notes to myself on anything I can get my hands on. That means things have the tendency to get lost.

While lusting over the school supplies I noticed a little binder, with dividers and college rule paper. So I decided to make my own notebook for jotting down important things. I am so in love with it so far. I have been cleaning out all the junk in the notes app on my phone.  This is the binder I got except my interior is pink.


What to do when it won't stop raining

It has rained nearly every day for a week. I have had some projects around the house that have been on hold. I still don't have the fence panel screwed to the post. I have the materials to start the garden pond, but I can't do that until the fence is finished. I still have shutters from a window that needs to hung up. None of this can get done with the rain.

So what I have been doing instead of all the outdoor projects that I've wanted to do

I finished Ace of Cakes, and 1 season of The Next Food Network Star. I was happy that the winner was from Kentucky.

Catching up on the County Clerk Drama
I mentioned my little town was famous on Monday the saga continues we made a Huff Post segment (its toward the end of the video) The clerks that are opposed to the decision asked the governor to hold a special session. He declined. People from both sides are protesting every day.

There is something about rain that always makes me want to sleep. I just can't seem to keep my eyes open.

 I have gotten side tracked from my diet so to get back in the swing of things I've been baking snacks that I can take with me. Baked cheese chips are super quick. Preheat the oven to 300 in a shallow pan (I use a baking pan designed for muffin tops) sprinjle the cheese you want to use until it covers the bottom. I used Parmesan (shredded and grated) and then I also used mild cheddar (shredded). Baked until melted about 10 minutes. Let it cool off and it should slide right off the pan.
Before going in the oven
After 10 minutes

I'm really hoping for a dry weekend I really want to finish these projects before life gets crazy with school back in session. 

In the News

Its not too often my small town ends up on the national and international  news, but I can guarantee that when it happens its never for anything positive.  You can read about our claim to fame with the US News and Time lets not forget about the BBC. Basically, our county clerk is refusing to issue marriage licenses. She's now being sued by 4 couples some straight and some gay. 

I think people have the right to believe whatever they want. If she doesn't want to issue licenses herself, then she should appoint a staff person to do it for her. Obviously by not issuing anything she is failing to do part of her job description. Which is a bad thing. I know I can't just decide to stop doing part of my job and still expect to have a job. I would assume that is the case with all jobs. When your beliefs conflict with your job I think you need to ask yourself is this a job I really should be doing? If you can't do your job and sleep peacefully at night its time to walk away.
I am pro marriage. I've had two myself. I think everyone should get to have a wedding. Especially my daughter. I have never mentioned that on the blog before, because I never felt it was my place to out her. But, I asked her blessing and she responded with "Of all the things you say about me, you've never told people that I'm gay?" Oops....Lets fix that. My daughter has a girlfriend. Her girlfriend is a sweety and I think the world of her. I jokingly say its my fault for never showing my kids a normal, healthy relationship. She denies this.  I just want her to have the wedding of her dream, whatever that looks like. I didn't protest or campaign for the laws to be changed, but I am excited for her that they have. I can say with almost complete certainty that I will never marry a woman, but I like having options.

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