I missed the Choose your own adventure link up but still wanted to check in. I somehow managed to read the Real Simple magazine last month and the one from the month before that I hadn't finished. I also finished 2 actual books. Jen Lancaster's I Regret Nothing. It was hysterical as her books usually are. I also read Happily Ever Before. It was an amazon suggestion on my Kindle. It was good too.

I have been working on installing a privacy fence in my back yard since Abbey's birthday (beginning of May) I have accomplished digging 3 fence posts and getting them set in concrete. The panel has not been attached to the posts. After that I will need to dig the other post holes and do it all again. Digging holes is freaking hard. Why does it look so easy with the post hole diggers?

The girls and I really want to watch Inside Out. I'm really looking forward to Orange is the New Black season 3. It comes out this Friday. I see a marathon binge watching weekend in my future.


  1. I'm taking Chris's daughter to a screening of Inside Out this weekend. I hope it's as good as it looks.

    I really need to start OITNB.

    And digging fence post holes sounds awful!

  2. I am ready for Orange Is The New Black too! Yay!

    We're seeing Inside Out next week.

  3. It came out a day early. I was so not ready. I stayed up way to late watching it

  4. the fence will be the death of me. OITNB is awesome. I love it


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