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Last week Stephanie posted how she polled her friends asking them what they would say she is obsessed with. I loved the idea and stole it.  I asked my friends to pick 3-5 things that they would say I am obsessed with.

The results are in after poling 18 people

Cats 6 out of 18 people think I am obsessed with cats. This may be because I have 5 cats or it may be because I get tagged in every crazy cat lady meme that's ever been made. I do like cats a lot though.

Dr. Pepper 3/18. I think this should be higher because its basically all I drink.

Shih Tzu/My dogs 5/18. Woah I can't believe this one is so low. I love my boys and share cute Shih Tzu memes and pics of them all the time.

Metallica 3/18 and 1 vote for music in  general.

Bacon 2/18. I love Bacon I'd eat it every meal if I could. I just hate actually cooking it.

Kids (mine specifically) 7/18 I kinda wonder why this wasn't unanimous. I am crazy about my kids.

Pets in General 1/18 sorry but I really don't like pets in general. I detest birds, and reptiles. I've had hamsters and they were way too into biting. I did like my pet rabbit, but not enough to ever get another one.

The Color blue 1/18. I was confused by this and would think people would say pink since that's almost everything I own.

Blue Nail Polish 5/18. I think I own every shade made. No idea why I love blue polish so much but I do.

Shopping 1/18. Not really. While I do like shopping I am not obsessed, most days I'd rather order from Amazon than actually going out to a store.

Cows 4/18. I have a tattoo of a cow, a cow vanity plate, a hug painting of a cow on my wall, and yet only 4 people picked this. WTF! I feel like no one knows me at all.

Focus 1/18. I am driving my 3rd focus. I love the car. I'll probably have another one when this one is paid off. But, its not an obsession. I just like the car.

Photography 1/18. I know you can't tell by looking at this blog but I do love taking pics. I just don't feel like I really have time anymore.

Sunglasses 1/18. I always have sunglasses with me. I even keep spares in the car.

Shoes 1/18. Nope sorry people I really don't like shoes. If I had 1 pair of comfortable shoes I'd wear them constantly and wouldn't even think twice about it.

Flip Flops 2/18. this is more like it. I do LOVE flip flops. But I've realized they don't look very adult so this summer I really haven't worn them much.

Light Jackets 2/18 I once counted 23 jackets in my closet. I don't have near that many now, but I do still love them.

Princess Bride 1/18. This is one of my favorite movies. I named my Shih Tzu's after the characters in the movie.

Purses 1/18 While yes I do like purses I prefer a certain brand Nine West

Nine West 2/18 Now this is more like it, Almost all of my purses are Nine West. I think I have 2 that aren't.

What I've learned was my friends really don't know me , or at least they don't know me completely.

If you had to pick 3-5 things that I'm obsessed with, what would you pick?


  1. I said cows! and shih tzus and the princess bride. I know you ;)

  2. That came from someone I've known for years. I have no clue where she was coming from

  3. You know me better than most of the people polled. Im thinking my friends don't really know me they should probably read the blog

  4. Lately I've found that my friends and I only talk about the things we have in common, so they have no idea that I'm signed up for a half marathon, or that I had to go see a physical therapist, or that I even have opinions on all the feministy/current event topics I write about. I'm still deciding if that's a good thing (different people for different interests) or a bad thing (we've grown apart but aren't willing to admit it). It's kind of weird how my blog is a completely separate world.

  5. I don't even tell my real life friends about the blog.

  6. Nice!

    I love cats and bacon too. Mmm, bacon. I also love Diet Coke. I used to drink Dr. Pepper.


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