Guide to Handling a Break Up

I was in a relationship for 5 years. It actually just ended not too long ago. I know most of you are in shock because you may not have even known I was dating anyone. That's because he wasn't really involved in my life.  Lets just say that was a weird relationship (It took us a year and a half to be fb official). So we broke up in one of the most anti climatic breakups ever. I said It wasn't fair and I wanted to leave, He asked if we could talk about it later. I said there was nothing to talk about because neither of us was going to change our minds and that was it.

But not all breakups are that easy. Sometimes its bad. Sometimes you want to do stupid stuff like make him jealous. I started to say or other stupid stuff, but no most dumb things we do is to try to make them jealous or feel bad about leaving us. News Flash if they are gone its because they want to be, they won't be jealous and they sure as hell won't feel bad about it.

So here's the advice I think everyone should follow when recovering from a breakup

Never let them see you look like crap. Now is not the time to wallow in self loathing. Pull yourself together and look better than you ever have. He is not worth seeing you look puffy eyed. You'll even feel better if you look somewhat alive.

Don't threaten suicide. Its over, they really won't care. What will end up happening is he will tell all his friends that you are crazy because that's exactly how you are acting. This also includes don't show crazy dramatics. Just let it go. In public avoid him in private you can cry and rant and rave, just no drunk texting or calling and hanging up....For the love of all that is holy just go ahead and delete him from facebook if you think you will stalk him.

Don't get pregnant. If it makes him stay its for horrible reasons that will not end well. Don't get pregnant with someone elses baby either.

Don't go wild and start partying like you have just discovered parties. Even if you have just discovered parties.I'm not suggesting you don't go out, I'm saying if you can't remember the end of the night the next morning something may be wrong with your plan.

Don't cause damage or other acts of violence. This should be self explanatory just don't be that person. No one is worth going to jail over.

Don't take anything that isn't yours. My ex said he didn't want to lose half his stuff. I'm guessing he has broken up with some awful people, because I only takes whats mine.

What you can do is keep your chin up and your dignity. Don't talk bad about him on social media. Seriously, just let it go.


  1. You'd think this stuff would be common sense, but people really need to hear this! I have so many Facebook friends who like to post vague things about, "Doesn't it suck when someone violates your trust?" And it's like, "Dude. We all know you're talking about your significant other and now we all suspect that he or she cheated on you." In my opinion, posting to Facebook is the same as loudly announcing something in a public place. Don't say shit you wouldn't want to discuss with random strangers.

    And I do have a friend who got pregnant after her boyfriend left her. She said it was an accident, but it was very suspicious that they were always very careful about protection for the 9 years they were dating and then all of a sudden she stopped taking precautions when they were "broken up." He didn't stay with her despite the child, and now he'll always be in her life and she'll never emotionally get over him.

  2. I hate the vague posts of fb. Unless you want to tell us the whole story then shut up lol. I think we have all had a friend get pregnant. Someone I know said she was pregnant and then "lost it" she wasn't really pregnant she just wanted him to think she was.

  3. The fact that you have to list 'don't get pregnant' is what's wrong with world. Seriously ladies, don't get f-ing pregnant. I wish more of my friends would have listened to that advice!

  4. I know, right. Sometimes girls lose their minds a baby is forever I don't want to be tied to anyone forever lol except my babies.....too bad I couldn't clone me

  5. Omg. Lol. I had to snicker at the acts of violence. Seriously, lmao. I'd like to give at least one of my exes a little violence but you know, freaking Amazing Amy stole allllll my good ideas and they made a movir

  6. awww thanks, you are too sweet. It was a weird breakup, like when didn't talk it was just, ok its over that's it no discussion. I was for the best. When my cousin and her husband broke up she took a tire iron to his truck. That seemed a little dramatic to me lol.


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