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It seems like everyone I know, who sells diet supplements contacted my over the weekend to buy their product. I've heard about how their product is the best most wonderful product and works miracles however you still need to follow a good diet and exercise. Which I am sure has nothing to do with the weight loss results. 

As I listened to their pitch, I just wanted to know the details. How much and what do want it ask me to do. I am not a good fit for these diet plans because, I'm too cheap to shell out 100+ a month. I also hate shakes unless they are made with ice cream and have whipped cream and a cherry. I despise taking pills and anything I have to eat or drink is probably going to be out of the question.

It made me think of the products that have come and gone in popularity and felt sorry for them that they have to turn into salesmen to pimp the product out to others so they can afford to keep using themselves. They all made a point to tell me how I can get in on being a proper too. This is before I even try the product. 

I've lost 4 pounds this week walking a few days a week and pretty much cutting out my carbs. 
I've never really stuck with diets because counting calories suck it's like I run out of the calories I can eat before dinner. I have never really liked sweets so cutting that out hasn't been hard at all. I basically just find the things I like with the lowest carbs and eat those. It hasn't cost me over a hundred a month and I don't have to act like a dealer and ask all my friends to buy from me. 


  1. abeerfortheshowerJune 8, 2015 at 9:21 AM

    Hah, is it that Thrive bullshit that's swirling around the Internet like the unflushed turd that it is?

    People can take all the miracle diet pills and vitamins and metabolism boosting teas and blah blah blah that they want but they're never going to magically make someone thin. That's not how the human body works. Exercise and a well balanced diet is what will keep you trim and healthy. The only thing these diet fads will make you lose quickly in a month is your money.

  2. Oh yes Thrive and shakeology. A few years ago it was Visalis. It's pretty comical how fast people jump on the band wagon.

  3. I'm so sick of hearing about some of those programs that are out there. I'm glad my friends have found success with them, but they just aren't for me.

    Chris and I started walking in the evenings. It's really nice to have the time to talk without distractions from kids and the TV, and it gets us off our butts and moving a little. It's been really nice.

  4. I've been walking a few miles a few times a week. That, with the diet has been going great. I hate taking crap anyway so supplements and shakes are not for me


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