Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Confession of Epic Proportions

  So, Its Wednesday and I usually word vomit things I want to say that don't necessarily fit into a blog post by themselves. Today is a little different. I have news. I have pretty big news. Ok its probably only big news to me.

 I've had a couple dates with a guy.

He doesn't know about blog, that I know of. I haven't mentioned it, so I don't want to share a name or picture yet. Especially because we were talking last night and he said something like, he didn't like blaring our personal life to GOD and everybody. So I had to tease him. Think a blog about it counts as GOD and everybody?

But, I can't keep him all to myself.

I dated him off and on throughout high school. I was totally in love with him. Are you wondering why we didn't stay together? I was insane.

I was 14 when I first saw him.

I had been at the pool that day and after going off the diving board the life guard met me at the steps. She asked if I had swam on a team and if I wanted to start. I said sure and stuck around after the pool closed for practice. I loved it. I met lots of great kids.

A couple practices in, He shows up. As soon as he cam around the corner I felt like all my air was knocked out of me. I asked the girl beside me who he was. She told me, but added he didn't take girls on the team. I responded that we'd see about that. Our becoming a couple was almost instant.

We were inseparable. I was totally crazy about him. But, I was a very immature teenager and had no clue how to react to love. All the adults in my life hated each other. I didn't know what a healthy relationship looked like. So I eventually left, because it was good, and that made me anxious. There is no logic to this.

After awhile we lost touch. I got married, he got married and we didn't see each other again. Until facebook. We found each other and became friends. Just friends. I got divorced, he got divorced, I got remarried and then in my last relationship. All the way he was my friend and the person I told everything to. Any up or down I had. He was the first person I wanted to tell everything to. It seems a little surreal to be back together after 25 years.

Its just like it was the last time. I feel out of breath.


  1. It's going really great. I'm almost in shock

  2. I was a total idiot. I don't think I could have gotten more immature lol but so far it's great

  3. I'm so happy for you!!! That's so awesome!

    Good luck!