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Last week Stephanie posted how she polled her friends asking them what they would say she is obsessed with. I loved the idea and stole it.  I asked my friends to pick 3-5 things that they would say I am obsessed with.

The results are in after poling 18 people

Cats 6 out of 18 people think I am obsessed with cats. This may be because I have 5 cats or it may be because I get tagged in every crazy cat lady meme that's ever been made. I do like cats a lot though.

Dr. Pepper 3/18. I think this should be higher because its basically all I drink.

Shih Tzu/My dogs 5/18. Woah I can't believe this one is so low. I love my boys and share cute Shih Tzu memes and pics of them all the time.

Metallica 3/18 and 1 vote for music in  general.

Bacon 2/18. I love Bacon I'd eat it every meal if I could. I just hate actually cooking it.

Kids (mine specifically) 7/18 I kinda wonder why this wasn't unanimous. I am crazy about my kids.

Pets in General 1/18 sorry but I really don't like pets in general. I detest birds, and reptiles. I've had hamsters and they were way too into biting. I did like my pet rabbit, but not enough to ever get another one.

The Color blue 1/18. I was confused by this and would think people would say pink since that's almost everything I own.

Blue Nail Polish 5/18. I think I own every shade made. No idea why I love blue polish so much but I do.

Shopping 1/18. Not really. While I do like shopping I am not obsessed, most days I'd rather order from Amazon than actually going out to a store.

Cows 4/18. I have a tattoo of a cow, a cow vanity plate, a hug painting of a cow on my wall, and yet only 4 people picked this. WTF! I feel like no one knows me at all.

Focus 1/18. I am driving my 3rd focus. I love the car. I'll probably have another one when this one is paid off. But, its not an obsession. I just like the car.

Photography 1/18. I know you can't tell by looking at this blog but I do love taking pics. I just don't feel like I really have time anymore.

Sunglasses 1/18. I always have sunglasses with me. I even keep spares in the car.

Shoes 1/18. Nope sorry people I really don't like shoes. If I had 1 pair of comfortable shoes I'd wear them constantly and wouldn't even think twice about it.

Flip Flops 2/18. this is more like it. I do LOVE flip flops. But I've realized they don't look very adult so this summer I really haven't worn them much.

Light Jackets 2/18 I once counted 23 jackets in my closet. I don't have near that many now, but I do still love them.

Princess Bride 1/18. This is one of my favorite movies. I named my Shih Tzu's after the characters in the movie.

Purses 1/18 While yes I do like purses I prefer a certain brand Nine West

Nine West 2/18 Now this is more like it, Almost all of my purses are Nine West. I think I have 2 that aren't.

What I've learned was my friends really don't know me , or at least they don't know me completely.

If you had to pick 3-5 things that I'm obsessed with, what would you pick?


Guide to Handling a Break Up

I was in a relationship for 5 years. It actually just ended not too long ago. I know most of you are in shock because you may not have even known I was dating anyone. That's because he wasn't really involved in my life.  Lets just say that was a weird relationship (It took us a year and a half to be fb official). So we broke up in one of the most anti climatic breakups ever. I said It wasn't fair and I wanted to leave, He asked if we could talk about it later. I said there was nothing to talk about because neither of us was going to change our minds and that was it.

But not all breakups are that easy. Sometimes its bad. Sometimes you want to do stupid stuff like make him jealous. I started to say or other stupid stuff, but no most dumb things we do is to try to make them jealous or feel bad about leaving us. News Flash if they are gone its because they want to be, they won't be jealous and they sure as hell won't feel bad about it.

So here's the advice I think everyone should follow when recovering from a breakup

Never let them see you look like crap. Now is not the time to wallow in self loathing. Pull yourself together and look better than you ever have. He is not worth seeing you look puffy eyed. You'll even feel better if you look somewhat alive.

Don't threaten suicide. Its over, they really won't care. What will end up happening is he will tell all his friends that you are crazy because that's exactly how you are acting. This also includes don't show crazy dramatics. Just let it go. In public avoid him in private you can cry and rant and rave, just no drunk texting or calling and hanging up....For the love of all that is holy just go ahead and delete him from facebook if you think you will stalk him.

Don't get pregnant. If it makes him stay its for horrible reasons that will not end well. Don't get pregnant with someone elses baby either.

Don't go wild and start partying like you have just discovered parties. Even if you have just discovered parties.I'm not suggesting you don't go out, I'm saying if you can't remember the end of the night the next morning something may be wrong with your plan.

Don't cause damage or other acts of violence. This should be self explanatory just don't be that person. No one is worth going to jail over.

Don't take anything that isn't yours. My ex said he didn't want to lose half his stuff. I'm guessing he has broken up with some awful people, because I only takes whats mine.

What you can do is keep your chin up and your dignity. Don't talk bad about him on social media. Seriously, just let it go.


That time I runied someones day

One time I dated a guy that looked exactly like this

In case you are wondering who this is, its Bull from night court. No this ex is not the ex that is now a current. (wow could I be more confusing?)  But his daughter sang the national anthem for one of the NBA finals games and that made me think of this story from when we dated.

If you've ever seen Night Court you know that Bull is seriously tall, bald, and goofy. So was the Bull I dated. A difference is that the Bull I dated also wrestled, heavy weight, because he was about 6'4. Yes I was still only 4'10. I think I came up to his waist.

He gave me his jacket to wear and of course it was a tent on me. One morning, before school, I over sprayed the jacket with perfume. It made my eyes water it was so strong. I tried to wash it off in the bathroom sink,but I think it only made the perfume mad and the smell grew in intensity. 

He found me, and probably wished he hadn't because the smell was so strong. He said he needed his jacket back because he was leaving for the state wrestling tournament. I handed it to him, relieved to be free from the stink. He gave me an OMG are you kidding me look and I laughed.

He didn't do so well, and I am sure he didn't make any friends smelling like he took a bath in girly perfume.

things you may not have known about me

When I saw this link up with Helene I had to join in. Here are some things you may not know about me.

  • I am dating my high school sweetheart after what feels like 50 years apart. Its the best feeling in the world. 
  • We swam on the same swim team  I haven't told him about the blog yet and I don't think he's googled me lol so I'm not using pics of him or his name until he knows about it, and okays it.
  • All of my animals are rescues. Ok I think everyone knows that. But I can't help but mention them because they are loveys. 
  •  I have broken my toe, finger,  and my arm
  • None of those hurt worse than my sprained ankle last year
  • I binged watched the new Orange Is The New Black in 2 days

Confession of Epic Proportions

  So, Its Wednesday and I usually word vomit things I want to say that don't necessarily fit into a blog post by themselves. Today is a little different. I have news. I have pretty big news. Ok its probably only big news to me.

 I've had a couple dates with a guy.

He doesn't know about blog, that I know of. I haven't mentioned it, so I don't want to share a name or picture yet. Especially because we were talking last night and he said something like, he didn't like blaring our personal life to GOD and everybody. So I had to tease him. Think a blog about it counts as GOD and everybody?

But, I can't keep him all to myself.

I dated him off and on throughout high school. I was totally in love with him. Are you wondering why we didn't stay together? I was insane.

I was 14 when I first saw him.

I had been at the pool that day and after going off the diving board the life guard met me at the steps. She asked if I had swam on a team and if I wanted to start. I said sure and stuck around after the pool closed for practice. I loved it. I met lots of great kids.

A couple practices in, He shows up. As soon as he cam around the corner I felt like all my air was knocked out of me. I asked the girl beside me who he was. She told me, but added he didn't take girls on the team. I responded that we'd see about that. Our becoming a couple was almost instant.

We were inseparable. I was totally crazy about him. But, I was a very immature teenager and had no clue how to react to love. All the adults in my life hated each other. I didn't know what a healthy relationship looked like. So I eventually left, because it was good, and that made me anxious. There is no logic to this.

After awhile we lost touch. I got married, he got married and we didn't see each other again. Until facebook. We found each other and became friends. Just friends. I got divorced, he got divorced, I got remarried and then in my last relationship. All the way he was my friend and the person I told everything to. Any up or down I had. He was the first person I wanted to tell everything to. It seems a little surreal to be back together after 25 years.

Its just like it was the last time. I feel out of breath.


Rules I live by

I have a lot of silly rules that I obey I don't know know how I came up with them. Some people, like my girls think I am crazy. I probably am, but I just can't help myself. I can't bring myself to break these, and if you do there is a good chance I will be secretly judging you.

Don't wear PJ's in public. I actually don't think this one is silly, but the number of people that you see out shopping in fleece pj's makes me think I am the only person that thinks you need to put pants on before you go out in public.

A camaro should only be in black. It makes it look mean.

No wire hangers. I absolutely despise wire hangers they are ugly, they bend, they are ugly.

Hangers should face the same way and be the same color. It just looks nicer and makes me want to smile when I open my closet.

Overalls are not a fashion statement. Unless that statement is that you are a farmer

While we are talking about fashion. No socks and sandals

I had a rule for years never to date a drummer. The ones that were in my high school band were snotty and full of themselves. The times I broke this rule I regretted it. So now I am back to never dating a drummer. 

Never date anyone who has seen you go through puberty. Those were some crazy times. Thankfully I feel like I can relax this one a little since it has been so long ago.

 Never date an ex twice, because there is always a reason why you broke up. I am guilty of breaking this one, with only 1 person. I broke up with him because I am an idiot. It was great and I got scared and left, because its was good and I didn't know how to cope. Just a little hint. You'll be hearing more about this one.

Do you have any crazy rules that you live by?


I missed the Choose your own adventure link up but still wanted to check in. I somehow managed to read the Real Simple magazine last month and the one from the month before that I hadn't finished. I also finished 2 actual books. Jen Lancaster's I Regret Nothing. It was hysterical as her books usually are. I also read Happily Ever Before. It was an amazon suggestion on my Kindle. It was good too.

I have been working on installing a privacy fence in my back yard since Abbey's birthday (beginning of May) I have accomplished digging 3 fence posts and getting them set in concrete. The panel has not been attached to the posts. After that I will need to dig the other post holes and do it all again. Digging holes is freaking hard. Why does it look so easy with the post hole diggers?

The girls and I really want to watch Inside Out. I'm really looking forward to Orange is the New Black season 3. It comes out this Friday. I see a marathon binge watching weekend in my future.

Diet Supplements

It seems like everyone I know, who sells diet supplements contacted my over the weekend to buy their product. I've heard about how their product is the best most wonderful product and works miracles however you still need to follow a good diet and exercise. Which I am sure has nothing to do with the weight loss results. 

As I listened to their pitch, I just wanted to know the details. How much and what do want it ask me to do. I am not a good fit for these diet plans because, I'm too cheap to shell out 100+ a month. I also hate shakes unless they are made with ice cream and have whipped cream and a cherry. I despise taking pills and anything I have to eat or drink is probably going to be out of the question.

It made me think of the products that have come and gone in popularity and felt sorry for them that they have to turn into salesmen to pimp the product out to others so they can afford to keep using themselves. They all made a point to tell me how I can get in on being a proper too. This is before I even try the product. 

I've lost 4 pounds this week walking a few days a week and pretty much cutting out my carbs. 
I've never really stuck with diets because counting calories suck it's like I run out of the calories I can eat before dinner. I have never really liked sweets so cutting that out hasn't been hard at all. I basically just find the things I like with the lowest carbs and eat those. It hasn't cost me over a hundred a month and I don't have to act like a dealer and ask all my friends to buy from me. 


Not sure that this is a confession because I'm sure its pretty obvious. I don't come visit this little space as often as I should. Its not that I don't want to. Its that I don't feel I have a lot to say. Its not so much writers block as it is just feeling uninspired. I jot things down but it all feels like crap. Its not like I could use Its not any more in a paragraph.  I want to tell you whats going on in my life but I don't even know where to start. So instead I'm going to share cute puppy pics.
I was cleaning and Max was laying in the pile of shoes. 


My weekend

I was pretty domestic this weekend. Last week I mentioned that I was starting the Keto diet today. After someone super close to me voiced his disapproval I promised I would eat more than the 25g or less that the diet calls for.  So while I am not cutting carbs out altogether I am limiting it significantly. I researched foods that I could eat. Basically everything I love is off limits. I did find a recipe for Parmesan Crisps. This little beauty may take the place of potato chips. Its super simple. I wanted them to be thin like a cracker so I found this pan (on Clearance).

Pre-heat the oven to 375. I then sprayed each slot with a non stick spray. Add a sprinkling of shredded Parmesan cheese. Then top it with a sprinkling of grated Parmesan cheese. Bake about 8 minutes or until golden and crispy looking. I then let it cool before popping them out and eating. 0 grams of carbs.

I watched the entire 4th season of Melissa and Joey or at least what Netflix had up.

As if that wasn't enough of a waste of time, I decided to add to Emmy's Fairy garden. I made a replica of the plane from lost.

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