I Hate Today

Oh I know its Friday and Fridays are always great. Its the last day of school for my girls and who doesn't love the last day of school. Its a day full of so much promise and potential. Even if that promise and potential is days full of Pj's and Netflix. Its the start of a three day weekend. Need I even go on about how awesome those little rarities are?

But today is the anniversary of the death of a friend of Emmy's. Yesterday they graduated from elementary and in August will start a new chapter as middle schoolers. The school added her name to the program with a cross beside it that said passed on posthumously. I could barely keep it together. I really tried not to cry as I have every year this anniversary roles around.

I held back the tears yesterday when Emmy and her friends sang "See you Again" I swear its like they were singing to her.

I tried not to cry when Emmy wanted to pose with her memorial table.

And this weekend I will try not to cry when we visit the cemetery on what would be her birthday. Its become a tradition. Emmy wants to visit on Alexis's birthday and take her a gift.

I wasn't very successful when we made the visit last year.


  1. I'm so sorry. That must be hard. I can't imagine having lost a friend at such a young age. I hope you make it through this year's visit.

  2. It was hard. I can't keep myself from crying. I try not to do it in front of Em, but its so hard. This breaks my heart.


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