How not to be a dick while watching a public performance

The last couple week have been really busy for me. The end of the school year is always like that. Its like every organization the girls belong to has to have an end of the year event. This year the middle school added a meet and greet for incoming 6th grade parents. They asked me to speak on behalf of the PTO. OMG lets just say I'm sure every parent now things I either have a mental problem or nope it has to be mental problem. Lets just say for someone who trains large groups of adults I don't speak well in front of them unless its a class setting and even then it takes me a few minutes to warm up and not sound dumb.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. Its about the fact that I have attended a ton of events the last 2 weeks and I have seen a lot of adults who really need to be told to sit the fuck down and shut up. Since I'm not sure they understood why I was yelling at them at the time, today is all about how to watch a public performance without making everyone around you want to shank you. I know you are super proud of your child and want to capture every single moment of it. Guess what?!? So does everyone there.  So please...

Don't stand in the aisle. I don't care if you are recording or watching it blocks the people around you from seeing what is going on. Move to the side, or kneel up front. Don't block other  people's sight line unless you want to piss people off.

Don't talk. I know you may want to tell the person beside you something super important but do not talk. Text if both of your phones are on silent (although the light will be distracting if the light of the performance are dimmed. Other wise write the note on your program and pass it like its a note in 5th grade math class.

Don't get up. This is just plain rude to those performing. I don't care if you piss yourself do not get up during a performance. You can wait between acts, songs, etc.... 

Turn your cell phones off or at least silence them. Nothing is more annoying than the person near you answering their phone. Trust me people you won't be able to hear them anyway.

Don't stand up or put someone on your shoulders. I am 4'10 I can barely see the stage as it is, please be considerate to those who are vertically challenged.

Last week I encountered something completely new. A kid wore head phones to a choir concert and then spent the entire concert laying in the floor. His friend was so sweet he apologized to me on behalf of his friend, but it really made me wonder had he never been taught?

If you follow these pretty basic rules you won't make enemies out of your seat neighbors. 


  1. abeerfortheshowerMay 18, 2015 at 9:13 AM

    People are just the worst. The last time the wife and I went to a concert, there were these idiots standing in the aisle who were talking during a violin solo. They didn't realize it, but because of their location their voices were actually amplified. My wife went and told them to be quiet nicely, and that they were bothering people. They did be quiet... for about 5 minutes. Then they started talking again. Right as I was about to go say something, this gigantic bro storms over to them and tells them to shut the fuck up or he's going to punch both of them in the face (at a violin concert, no less). They didn't just shut the fuck up, they left. Why do idiots like this exist, and why does common sense not? "Someone can hear me talking at a public performance, and it annoyed them... so I should probably keep talking. That's a good idea."

  2. I would have loved to have seen that. During marching band competitions they have someone standing at the entrance to the stands and you literally are stopped from entering or leaving during a performance. I would suggest handing out do's and don'ts while watching today's performance, but I have a feeling these people can't/don't read.

  3. What is wrong with people? It seems like neither common sense or common courtesy are really all that common anymore. My boyfriend has a new habit I detest - he fiddles with his phone up until the second the movie starts (in the movie theater). It already bugs me, but I think the thing that bothers me most is that there's a really fine line between "Oh, just for the previews" and "Oh, just this one email during a slow part of the movie." And that I will not stand for. So what if you're bored for 5 minutes? You're an adult, deal with it. Since when do we need to be entertained every spare second of our lives? It's ridiculous.

  4. I have that bad habit too. Although I don't check it once the movie starts. If I need to I always leave the theater and check it in the hallway. What makes me crazy is how do parents not know, I can see if its the parent of a little bitty kid, but some of these parents have been around forever.

  5. People seriously piss me off these days. I don't understand what happened to basic etiquette. I mean, I get that it isn't taught anymore, but some things shouldn't HAVE TO BE TAUGHT. They are things people should just know. Urg.


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