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I don't even know why I am bothering to report on April financial challenge. April was a terrible month. I had three visits to the vet, which involved every blood test known to man. 2 different antibiotics and two eye drops. It was terrible and I still wasn't able to save him so I really don't even want to think about it.

But May is another month and the challenge is Read. I have a super busy schedule until Memorial Day weekend, but my goals are.

Read my Woman's Day and Real Simple magazines from last month and this month (yes I am that behind)

I downloaded a book to my kindle called Happily Ever Before. Its ok, I'm hoping I can finish  it without giving up and quitting it.

This weekend I am going shopping and plan on buying The happiness Project and a GRE study guide. Lets hope I can look at them before the end of the month.

Not Entirely Perfect


  1. Hope you can get to those magazines! I used to have stacks of them lying around but figured I wasn't reading them fast enough so I cancelled all of my subscriptions.

  2. I am SO behind on the magazines. I need to cancel some of my subscriptions.

  3. I hope you're able to read!

  4. I managed to finish the HGTV magazine for this month. I felt like it was cheating since it was just mostly pictures.

  5. I should probably do that.

  6. me too. Its been so nice outside, I should take them outside and enjoy the sunshine while I'm at it.

  7. I'm still sad about the kitty :( But I think it was worth every penny, because you did everything you could and that's always worth it.
    Good luck in May. I gave up on magazines. I got a couple free subscriptions through recyclebank and the only one I read is Real Simple. I think I'm even behind on that though too.

  8. I only have 3 subscriptions and I am only caught up on the HGTV mag and that is only because its mostly just pictures. I am still so sad about him passing, but I'm with you I would spend all of that money again in a heart beat. The animals would do the same thing for me so I can't not do my best for them. I even went out and bought flowers to plant around his grave. I hope I don't kill them too :(


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