5 Things That Mom Really Wants For Mothers Day

With Mothers Day coming up in less than a week, you may be trying to figure out what to get mom that shows her exactly how much you love and appreciate her. I may not be speaking for all moms but I have compiled a list of things that I would LOVE to receive for mothers day.

 House Cleaning
I don't know a mom that wouldn't love to have a clean house, especially when she doesn't have to do it. Same goes for food that she doesn't have to shop for, prepare, or clean up afterwards. Hell I would be excited if I could just have someone put the laundry away.

 A Day of Relaxation
This means a drink in hand, laying around all day doing exactly nothing. I have downloaded several new books to my Kindle and hope that I may actually have a day of no distractions so I can read them.

No Yard Work
what could be better than enjoying the sunshine while watching someone do yard work? Remember people  you can buy mom flowers but she will still have to do the work to plant them. Its a given that if someone buys me plants that they will just end up dead (the plants not the person buying the plants).

A Flat Stomach
I remember the good ol days when I had a 24 inch waist. Then I had kids. I miss that stomach.Not enough to eat healthy or work out, but enough to complain every time I have to buy clothes.

A Hot Guy
Maybe this isn't a typical mom present, but for us single moms its a very valid gift option. Check out any guy on the Michael Stokes Photography page and you will get an idea of what I'm taking aboout.

A consolation gift would be to knock off any of the 1 million things on my to do list.

What are you giving your mom for mothers day? Seriously, I haven't shopped for mom yet and she would hate almost everything on my list.

I almost forgot. Mothers day may be a week away, but Star Wars Day is today.....


  1. My mom's never been much of a gift person, so we started resorting to the house cleaning thing pretty early on. I don't know how successful we were in actually cleaning the house, but we certainly tried! Now that we're all moved out, we don't really celebrate Mother's Day, but that's mostly because my mom doesn't care, and we don't go in big for any of the other holidays either. Not a sentimental group!

  2. Haha! Yeah I always try to tackle something on my mom's to do list. She has so many projects she wants to do (like purging and organizing the entire house) that I always have something I can pull out!

  3. Yes! Yes!

    Especially the flat stomach. I miss my flat stomach.

  4. I have NO idea what I'm doing for my mom for Mother's Day. I'm starting to stress out about it.

  5. Turns out my mom is on a trip and won't be back until after mothers day so I get a little more time to decide.

  6. me too, I'm afraid people will start asking me if I'm pregnant. I need to exercise.

  7. The girls were not happy about my list of chores. Just wait until they are home for summer break. I have a list for them to tackle.

  8. I'm not really close to either of my parents, or most of my family so buying gifts is really weird. I never know what to get.


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