• My office has been between 85-90 degrees. I am not ready for this kind of heat in May.
  • My friend gave me a pet stroller after I posted this pictures of my boys post walk. Its a pink stroller so I guess I need to buy ties or a skull and cross bone tee shirts for them. Otherwise the other dogs may think they are girls and laugh at them.
  • I'm attending a conference on Friday in my hometown I am so excited about it.
  • Monday I am starting a ketogenic diet. Its  a seriously low carb diet. I'm excited and nervous. I've actually planned my meals for  next week, which is a miracle in itself.

Memorial Day Traditions

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!!

I got into a conversation recently about Memorial Day traditions. My family has family reunions. I don't go because in case you are new around here, I am not crazy about a large portion of my family.

A friend of mine has a standing camping trip with the guys, absolutely no girls allowed and don't even think about suggesting that he not go because that just will not happen.

The girls and I have pretty much done the same thing the last 2 years, so I guess that's our new tradition. We do something big related to the house. Last year I built a deck rail. This year I rehung the shutters I took down to paint and I started installing a privacy fence. I got 3 of the 5 holes I needed dug. (its not a complete fence. Just a privacy panel since I live on a super busy road.)

Em and I made our yearly trip to the grave of her friend.  She wants to go on the girls birthday so she can say Happy Birthday to her. It makes me cry like a baby when I take her. She always asks me to start ahead of her so she can talk to her alone. You should not lose your best friend when you are 9. You should not have to visit her at a cemetery. She should be enjoying sleepovers. They should be on the same volley ball team. They should have gone to honors choir together. It makes me so sad that it has to be the way it is. I say a prayer for her family because I can't even begin to imagine their pain.

On to happier topics. School is out for the year and I could not be more happy. But of course as soon as I can sleep in I begin waking up on my own at 6 am. I don't even need to get up at that time when it is a school night.

I Hate Today

Oh I know its Friday and Fridays are always great. Its the last day of school for my girls and who doesn't love the last day of school. Its a day full of so much promise and potential. Even if that promise and potential is days full of Pj's and Netflix. Its the start of a three day weekend. Need I even go on about how awesome those little rarities are?

But today is the anniversary of the death of a friend of Emmy's. Yesterday they graduated from elementary and in August will start a new chapter as middle schoolers. The school added her name to the program with a cross beside it that said passed on posthumously. I could barely keep it together. I really tried not to cry as I have every year this anniversary roles around.

I held back the tears yesterday when Emmy and her friends sang "See you Again" I swear its like they were singing to her.

I tried not to cry when Emmy wanted to pose with her memorial table.

And this weekend I will try not to cry when we visit the cemetery on what would be her birthday. Its become a tradition. Emmy wants to visit on Alexis's birthday and take her a gift.

I wasn't very successful when we made the visit last year.

Happy Graduation Day

If you had told me 3 years ago that this girl would graduate from elementary school with her class, I would have told you that you were crazy.
If you had told me that she would not only graduate but do it with only receiving 1 C. That she would be on the academic team for Quick Recall AND Arts and Humanities, I wouldn't have believed you.
But here she is going on to middle school with her friends and rocking at school like there is nothing wrong.
You'd never know looking at this outgoing, intelligent, confident young lady that 3 years ago she came home crying that she was being held back. You can read all about the whole saga in our dyslexia story. Long story short she was not held back.

The kid that walked across the stage today is what happens when amazing teachers see the soul crushing affects of a bad teacher and set out to work with the family to undo the damage. Contrary to the children's saying words can hurt. Words can cripple in a way that far exceeds anything that sticks or stones can do.
I still worry about her and I will for the rest of her life but that's because she is my baby. Not because she is struggling to keep her head above water.


How not to be a dick while watching a public performance

The last couple week have been really busy for me. The end of the school year is always like that. Its like every organization the girls belong to has to have an end of the year event. This year the middle school added a meet and greet for incoming 6th grade parents. They asked me to speak on behalf of the PTO. OMG lets just say I'm sure every parent now things I either have a mental problem or nope it has to be mental problem. Lets just say for someone who trains large groups of adults I don't speak well in front of them unless its a class setting and even then it takes me a few minutes to warm up and not sound dumb.

Anyway, that's not what this post is about. Its about the fact that I have attended a ton of events the last 2 weeks and I have seen a lot of adults who really need to be told to sit the fuck down and shut up. Since I'm not sure they understood why I was yelling at them at the time, today is all about how to watch a public performance without making everyone around you want to shank you. I know you are super proud of your child and want to capture every single moment of it. Guess what?!? So does everyone there.  So please...

Don't stand in the aisle. I don't care if you are recording or watching it blocks the people around you from seeing what is going on. Move to the side, or kneel up front. Don't block other  people's sight line unless you want to piss people off.

Don't talk. I know you may want to tell the person beside you something super important but do not talk. Text if both of your phones are on silent (although the light will be distracting if the light of the performance are dimmed. Other wise write the note on your program and pass it like its a note in 5th grade math class.

Don't get up. This is just plain rude to those performing. I don't care if you piss yourself do not get up during a performance. You can wait between acts, songs, etc.... 

Turn your cell phones off or at least silence them. Nothing is more annoying than the person near you answering their phone. Trust me people you won't be able to hear them anyway.

Don't stand up or put someone on your shoulders. I am 4'10 I can barely see the stage as it is, please be considerate to those who are vertically challenged.

Last week I encountered something completely new. A kid wore head phones to a choir concert and then spent the entire concert laying in the floor. His friend was so sweet he apologized to me on behalf of his friend, but it really made me wonder had he never been taught?

If you follow these pretty basic rules you won't make enemies out of your seat neighbors. 

Sorry in advance

I'm sorry for ignoring blogsphere all week and then throwing a big whiney post at you on a Friday.
 But, you know what you get when you have a house full of girls ranging from pre-teen to not so teen? Crazy hormones.

I had one of those days. Usually I can make a joke about not having a husband (or partner) especially when the person I'm talking to is either complaining about her husband or telling me they need to ask his permission for something. But, today all I wanted to do was come home to a hug. Even the dogs let me down. I had things to do right after work and didn't get home for the regular potty run. They let me know how mad they were one of them peed on my bed. They have puppy pads for the times I can't make it home when they usually go out. So its hurtful that they chose to ignore them. It will be funny when I am not in such a raw state, but someone sent me a text asking about her cat's weird behavior. I've become the crazy lady people ask for advice.

Emmy had a meet and greet at the middle school tonight. She came home kinda freaking out about how she is getting old and she is no longer a kid, but can't remember half of her childhood because its when she was an infant and toddler and only I can tell her what she did then.

Abbey has decided what she wants to do with the rest of her life (for the third time this year) and is on cloud 9.

I'm blaming it all on the end of the school year. Its full of events and testing and this and that. I really need a vacation.


Music you need to hear

I have  very eclectic taste in music. I love Johnny Cash (his love story with June is my favorite love story EVER) I love Pre-St. Anger Metallica. The days when Cliff Burton were with him were awesome. That man died way too soon. I love Here Comes the Mummies, RISKAY (not work safe so please don't google her at work).

Last week a guy I went to high school with released his first debut album. Before this album he was a song writer. You may have heard a few of the songs he has written "Drink a Beer" "Never Wanted Nothing More"  “Love's Gonna Make It Alright” "Come Back Song".  I have listened to it about 20 times already. As I'm typing this it is #2 on itunes.

We weren't friends although my cousin and his brother did date all through high school. It doesn't change the fact that I am super proud of someone from the little nothing town I'm from doing something good with their lives. Usually people from my hometown only make the news when they end up in jail for making meth.

So if you have time I'd really like if you could give his new album Traveller a listen. I love that he has gotten so much positive feedback.



Choose Your Own Adventure

I don't even know why I am bothering to report on April financial challenge. April was a terrible month. I had three visits to the vet, which involved every blood test known to man. 2 different antibiotics and two eye drops. It was terrible and I still wasn't able to save him so I really don't even want to think about it.

But May is another month and the challenge is Read. I have a super busy schedule until Memorial Day weekend, but my goals are.

Read my Woman's Day and Real Simple magazines from last month and this month (yes I am that behind)

I downloaded a book to my kindle called Happily Ever Before. Its ok, I'm hoping I can finish  it without giving up and quitting it.

This weekend I am going shopping and plan on buying The happiness Project and a GRE study guide. Lets hope I can look at them before the end of the month.

Not Entirely Perfect

5 Things That Mom Really Wants For Mothers Day

With Mothers Day coming up in less than a week, you may be trying to figure out what to get mom that shows her exactly how much you love and appreciate her. I may not be speaking for all moms but I have compiled a list of things that I would LOVE to receive for mothers day.

 House Cleaning
I don't know a mom that wouldn't love to have a clean house, especially when she doesn't have to do it. Same goes for food that she doesn't have to shop for, prepare, or clean up afterwards. Hell I would be excited if I could just have someone put the laundry away.

 A Day of Relaxation
This means a drink in hand, laying around all day doing exactly nothing. I have downloaded several new books to my Kindle and hope that I may actually have a day of no distractions so I can read them.

No Yard Work
what could be better than enjoying the sunshine while watching someone do yard work? Remember people  you can buy mom flowers but she will still have to do the work to plant them. Its a given that if someone buys me plants that they will just end up dead (the plants not the person buying the plants).

A Flat Stomach
I remember the good ol days when I had a 24 inch waist. Then I had kids. I miss that stomach.Not enough to eat healthy or work out, but enough to complain every time I have to buy clothes.

A Hot Guy
Maybe this isn't a typical mom present, but for us single moms its a very valid gift option. Check out any guy on the Michael Stokes Photography page and you will get an idea of what I'm taking aboout.

A consolation gift would be to knock off any of the 1 million things on my to do list.

What are you giving your mom for mothers day? Seriously, I haven't shopped for mom yet and she would hate almost everything on my list.

I almost forgot. Mothers day may be a week away, but Star Wars Day is today.....

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