My Campaign Promises

You may have noticed election season is gearing up again. Why does it seem like the time between campaigning is getting shorter and shorter. Pretty much everyday someone is tossing their hat into the ring to be considered, and campaign promises are being shouted from the roof tops. I want to get in on that action. The campaign promises not the running for office. I'm too smart for that.

I've given it careful consideration and have come up with a list of promises I feel I can fulfill.

1. I will not hijack a post you make and tell you that your beliefs suck. Really does that ever end well?

2. I promise not to share 200 million political posts between now and election day. If I do I promise they will be bipartisan and an attempt at humor.

3. I promise to not point out how dumb you sound, even if I see you make a post saying "Why isn't the foxies talking about the 241 Marines that Reagan let die"

4. I will however gently tell you that Reagan died in 2004 at the age of 93 and that Fox was established in 1996 which was 7 years after Regan left office. But, I guess you're right they should go back and mention it. Lets talk about Washington and Adams politics too. I'm sure they did some bad shit.

5. I promise that if everything you post is political, I will hide your posts (doesn't matter what party you are)

6. I promise if you get nasty about politics I will delete and block you.

7. I promise when it is all over, I will go on about my day as usual and not throw a tantrum and threaten to move to another country.

8. If you threaten to move to another country, I will help you pack your bags for the big move.


  1. I loathe campaign season..I'll help you pack their bags too :)

  2. I really try to avoid it. The two years I worked the election in Lexington ruined me. I wanted to shake everyone who came in voting straight ticket.

  3. I want to move to another country until election season is over, that's for sure. It's exhausting, all the bickering.

  4. I'm already sick of the 2016 election.

    But these are great promises.

  5. me too. As much as I hate national elections, the local one where the candidates use their kids in commercials drives me crazy.

  6. I'm all for moving until its over

  7. Seriously. I pretty much hate all political commercials in general. If you're voting based on a commercial, you shouldn't get to vote anyway.

  8. Amen to this. I don't get the people who get mean during this time. I have my opinions, but I don't snap at people who don't agree.


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