Irrational reasons to be paranoid

I once had a client tell me that she has control issues and she doesn't like change. I laughed, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that she could have been talking about me. I really don't like change at all. Change and surprises are two things I just can't handle. Unless the surprise is something that I have no suspicion about other wise its just more to make me paranoid

Most people feel paranoid when they think they are being followed, or when they walk into a room and the people stop talking, but I get paranoid anytime there is a bid change. I am probably the only person that has a hard time with the beginning and ending of the school year, because its a change.
Some other completely irrational things that make me paranoid are:

When someone likes an old picture of you on facebook.
This one gets hits every so often. I call it my Kate Gosselin pic. It was taken about 5 years ago when I was going through my addicted to highlights phase.

When someone says we need to talk. I can't help but automatically think the worst. Same for when a boss asks if I have a sec. I think I had way too many bad bosses that would wait until the end of the day to level bad news. For the record I have a fantastic boss now.

When a co worker leaves and no one says why. When either nothing is said or when all they say is she is no longer with us. It makes my mind start to think, am I next? I can't be next!!What is going on that I don't know about? Also if multiple co workers change positions. I wonder what is going on.

When I run into someone I don't ever remember meeting, but they know everything about me. I could never handle being famous.

When I keep misplacing something. I have probably looked for the DVD remote about 20 times over the weekend. I don't know why this makes me paranoid, its not like someone is sneaking into my house and stealing my remote. Chances are its just one of the animals hiding it.

When you send a text to someone and 3 hours later they still haven't said anything back. Come on people I know your phone is always on you. Whats really going on?

When a blogger makes a post about unfollowing people. Then I think is it me?  I think maybe I should check my stats? No I shouldn't because if it is me, I'll be sad.


  1. Old pictures on Facebook is always funny, because you know they were browsing through all your stuff. Occasionally it's a new acquaintance, and I understand, because, hey! I do it, too (but I don't "like" anything, because that makes it so obvious!). But more often it's my sister, and she's going through old photos and reminiscing instead of studying.

    I also get freaked out every time one of my bosses says, "Hey, do you have a minute?" Probably for the same reason - used to have bad bosses and so now I can't trust the good bosses.

  2. Sometimes I mentally reply to text messages. So if it takes someone long to respond, I assume they do the same. Or that I somehow pissed them off. Oopsie.

    I hate when someone says they need to talk too. I always think the worst.

  3. I work in HR, and I always laugh to myself when I tell someone we need to can instantly see fear cross their face.

  4. I would probably laugh too, but its no fun when its being said to you.

  5. I always assume I pissed them off.

  6. I try not to like stuff if its old either. I don't want people to know I am stalking them.

  7. My unfollowing post was TOTALLY NOT about you! :-)

    Just this morning my boss came in and said that it's time for my performance review. I instantly got all paranoid and nervous. I hate those.

  8. I know you it wasn't me, but I read like 3 unfollowing posts that week. It was weird lol. My reviews have to be scheduled in advance because my bosses office is 2 hours away from mine.

  9. Haha! That is a pretty weird coincidence!

    I wish my boss's office was 2 hours away!

  10. My boss is awesome, but it is nice to be on my own

  11. i hate when people don't respond to texts!! and yeah when people say we need to talk or 'can you come into my office for a second' i'm like whelp, i'm getting fired. haha.

  12. I am kinda guilty of not returning texts. The cute guy I bought my house from texted me a few weeks ago with just a pic of himself and I just didn't know how to respond, so I didn't lol

  13. that is really awkward and weird.. i wouldn't have responded either!

  14. We had texted very randomly. But even at that i just don't know what to say to him. He's cute, but I'm socially awkward and have forgotten how to flirt lol


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