I am considering getting my masters degree. This is on my 101 list (to decide if I am doing it) I thought I had decided not to. This past weekend though I really felt like I should look in to it. I have it narrowed down to a couple of universities. University of Tennessee and University of North Dakota. I am leaving more toward Tennessee, because its Tennessee...No seriously They have a very well known and respected Early Childhood Education program. They also have a PhD program so if I get really insane I can just keep going.

I attended a work fun day with all three of our satellite offices. We played a game called My Favorite Things. Each person brings 3 things that they love. Then names are drawn so everyone leaves with 3 things. I thought it was funny that I ended up with all of the alcohol.

I am feeling overwhelmed. There is only 3 weeks of school left and I have so  many things going on with work, school, and PTO events.So why am I thinking going back to school is a good idea?! Yeah, I am crazy.

I've had a sewing machine since February and still haven't opened it. I have several pants that need hemmed and have been waiting to be fixed since last fall.


  1. My 3 things would probably be McDonalds fries, chocolate, and Diet Coke ;)

  2. abeerfortheshowerMay 4, 2015 at 8:50 AM

    Well, if you're gonna get the masters, why not go all in and get the doctorate? Then you can have the snobbish honor of forcing people to call you Dr. Holly.

    My cohort has a masters. He does construction. It doesn't work out well for everyone. But if it'll help you out and further your career, then do it. It's crazy how these days even a bachelors won't get you very far (depending on field).

  3. I should have brought Dr Pepper but for some reason my mind went blank when I was trying to decide what to bring.

  4. I've considered that too, the school I would be going to for the masters also has a PhD program. You better believe I'd force people to call me Dr. My ex husband once told me I didn't have a "real" degree so it would be fun to hear him all me Dr. Holly. Dr. Grass sounds too much like I should be selling drugs or something.

  5. Your Masters??? That's awesome! We can be in school together!

  6. I am really nervous. I hope I don't chicken out.


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