Confessions 4/1

Oh my I hate this holiday. Call me a spoil sport but I do NOT like pranks. I don't even really like surprises.

My cat is still acting like he doesn't feel well. We finish the antibiotics tonight. But I don't see him immediately making a recovery. No idea why he is still acting lethargic.

Cute guy I bought my house from sent me a text Saturday of a picture of himself. I didn't immediately respond because I was doing  a training for work. Then I took the girls to watch a ballet. I still haven't responded and now I'm at the point I don't know how. Do I reply with a pic of myself or do I say something. Why must this be so difficult?

I think the new dog I adopted from the animal shelter isn't really 6 years old like they said. I would be surprised if he is even 2. He just has a lot of puppy tendencies. Of course maybe that's because he has never had the freedom to be a puppy instead of focusing all of his attention on survival.

Tomorrow is the last volleyball games and I am so happy. I like coming home from work and not having to get back out. Although I am glad Emmy loves the game and I did buy her a net for her birthday. She can open it at her party on Friday.

Which reminds me I have 9 girls coming to my house Friday for Emmy's party. Please be thinking about me :) I think he will be fine. I've planned out a ton of activities to keep them busy.

I watched all of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in one day....then  I watched it again (over two days) while Emmy marathon watched it. Good parenting right there people. :)


  1. I don't really understand the big deal about April Fool's either. I loved it when I was a kid! But now it's just kinda eh.

    Sending you a picture of himself is kind of weird... no explanation?

  2. I'll update tomorrow on max's puppy behavior. I know I need to respond but I just don't know what to respond with.

  3. We've had one long conversation and then 2 missed conversations and then he sent me the pic. He's in Iraq so it's not like he can talk all the time or anything. The pic was him standing outside and it looked very much like I imagine Iraq looks.


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