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I may be in the market for a new car. I can't decide what I want. My current car is the second Ford Focus I've owned. I loved them so much I talked my ex husband (who is also on his second focus), my mom and my sister into buying them. They all love theirs.

Last weekend I drove a Kia Soul and it drove great and made me want one. Although I had a pontiac Vibe that is kinda the same body style and hated it. Happiest day of my owning that car was when it got  totaled.

Another down side is I still owe almost 2 thousand on my car. I was hoping to pay it off in December and have a few months of no payments, but it has 150 thousand miles on it and its getting kinda rattley , the controller for the air is also broken so I only have defrost. I don't know if you've ever experienced a Kentucky summer but it is hot and sticky. Defrost won't cut it. 

So here is my question what would you do? Trade it in and get something else or try to keep it until its paid off? If you traded it in, what would you buy? Keep in mind I am a single mom and no husband or sugar daddy to help me with payments so my dream car of a BMW convertible is out of the question.


  1. I'd try to keep it and pay it off. But if you really need a new car now, I'd do that too. But if you can hold off, I'd pay it off first.

  2. When I found out my trade in and my pay off are about the same I think that sealed it for me. If I wait I'll probably have 200 thousand miles on it and no way wold I get anything for it. Shew thats a drawback of driving a lot for work. So I'm car shopping this weekend.


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