I am considering getting my masters degree. This is on my 101 list (to decide if I am doing it) I thought I had decided not to. This past weekend though I really felt like I should look in to it. I have it narrowed down to a couple of universities. University of Tennessee and University of North Dakota. I am leaving more toward Tennessee, because its Tennessee...No seriously They have a very well known and respected Early Childhood Education program. They also have a PhD program so if I get really insane I can just keep going.

I attended a work fun day with all three of our satellite offices. We played a game called My Favorite Things. Each person brings 3 things that they love. Then names are drawn so everyone leaves with 3 things. I thought it was funny that I ended up with all of the alcohol.

I am feeling overwhelmed. There is only 3 weeks of school left and I have so  many things going on with work, school, and PTO events.So why am I thinking going back to school is a good idea?! Yeah, I am crazy.

I've had a sewing machine since February and still haven't opened it. I have several pants that need hemmed and have been waiting to be fixed since last fall.


How to be a responsible pet owner

Several factors contributed to me writing today's post. None of them make me feel warm and happy.

I drove a lot this weekend. Which isn't much different from a regular day. But I noticed some things that really pissed me off. There were several dead animals on the side of the road. Not just opossums and other wild animals, but cats and dogs too. 

I saw posts from my favorite rescue organization.I'm pretty sure they rescued several of Max's house mates. I adopted Max a month ago from an animal shelter not far from my hometown. He was one of 42 dogs living in a house. He was in really bad shape. Blind in one eye, matted so bad he couldn't use the bathroom, terrified of everything. We thought he may be deaf, but it turns out he just had an infection. Max is fantastic now, still blind in one eye but otherwise gets along great. He doesn't even act like the same dog. I am super happy that max's house mates are finding homes, I am just devastated that there even needs to be am intervention because of hoarding.

I've seen several complaints from people who have neighbors dogs that are destroying things in their yard and bothering their animals. My sister has this problem all the time.

 It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I am a hard core animal lover. When I retire from my day job (which won't be any decade soon) I plan on opening an animal rescue. Which is why I get really mad when I see people doing things that put their animals in danger.  I believe there are 3 basic guidelines all pet owners need to follow. If you go by this, there should be no problems with your animals.

Keep your pets in your yard
 This is probably my number one cardinal rule for owning a pet. A pet can't get ran over by a car, stolen, or hurt by someone who doesn't like animals, if you keep the animal in your own yard. This is a pretty big problem in rural areas. I have no idea why people think letting their animals run loose is a good idea. It's not. There are too many ways they can get hurt if you aren't nearby to protect them.

Don't chain your pet up
It seems like the number one thing people say to me when I rant at them for letting their animals run is "well at least I'm not chaining them up. Yes, well good for you, chaining them up is another thing I absolutely hate. Not too long ago a case made the local news of a pair of dogs that were found starved. One had already died and the female was near death. The owners had chained them up and then either left or ignored them. When you chain up your dogs, yes, you keep them from leaving your yard but you also make them helpless when danger comes, and also make it impossible for them to save themselves. Alternatives to this are putting up a fence up or a kennel.

Don't have more animals than you can take care of
If you can't afford to feed an animal don't get it. If you don't have the time to change litter boxes, pet, brush or generally care for your pet, PLEASE don't get one. Its not wrong to know your limit. I know I can't care for more than six cats. I just don't have the space or time to devote to litter boxes for more than that. I know that two small dogs are my limit. I can't handle taking more than that out to use the bathroom. I don't know anyone that can realistically handle 42 dogs (or cats). I know some people who can't handle one pet. Spay and Neuter falls into this category. I get sick to my stomach when I hear people constantly having litter after liter to get rid of. 

I shouldn't see dead pets on the side of the road, I shouldn't have to worry about my dogs getting hurt by your dog coming into my yard, and shelters shouldn't be overflowing trying to care for you animals because you had more than you could handle and they were taken from you. 

Best Ever 3 Ingredient Ant Killer

They're back!! Last fall shortly after I bought my house, I was being over taken by ants. I sat out traps but  they really didn't work. Then winter happened and the ants went away. I didn't give them another thought until this week. I had sat a bag of dum dums on the counter and before I knew it they were swarmed. I found a recipe on Pinterest but tweaked it just a little.


Yup that's it. I found the Borax in the cleaning aisle. It was with the laundry detergent. After you make the ant killer you can use the borax for its intended purpose a laundry booster.

I used a plastic storage container. Combine 1 cup of Sugar half a cup of borax and just enough water to make it runnier than a paste, but not completely dissolved. Now soak a cotton ball in it. Set it out on a piece of paper or scrap cardboard, anything to protect your surface. The ants will be attracted to the cotton ball and by the next day you shouldn't have any ants. Just throw the cotton ball away after the ants have disappeared. I keep the mixture stored just in case any come back, but its been several days and I've only seen the random ant.
This is the borax that I used. Source


Saying Goodbye

I've been MIA lately and I'm sorry. I lost my cat that had been sick and I just haven't felt like being social. I thought he was doing better. The day before he had eaten better than he had in awhile and was more active. I woke up the next morning and he was laying beside me then he had a seizure and never woke up. The  other cats are pretty upset about it too. Especially Phenney who was his BFF. They would spend hours snuggled together. I buried him behind the house and planted flowers as a headstone and foot stone.

I just need a little more time and I'll be back to my self.


Irrational reasons to be paranoid

I once had a client tell me that she has control issues and she doesn't like change. I laughed, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that she could have been talking about me. I really don't like change at all. Change and surprises are two things I just can't handle. Unless the surprise is something that I have no suspicion about other wise its just more to make me paranoid

Most people feel paranoid when they think they are being followed, or when they walk into a room and the people stop talking, but I get paranoid anytime there is a bid change. I am probably the only person that has a hard time with the beginning and ending of the school year, because its a change.
Some other completely irrational things that make me paranoid are:

When someone likes an old picture of you on facebook.
This one gets hits every so often. I call it my Kate Gosselin pic. It was taken about 5 years ago when I was going through my addicted to highlights phase.

When someone says we need to talk. I can't help but automatically think the worst. Same for when a boss asks if I have a sec. I think I had way too many bad bosses that would wait until the end of the day to level bad news. For the record I have a fantastic boss now.

When a co worker leaves and no one says why. When either nothing is said or when all they say is she is no longer with us. It makes my mind start to think, am I next? I can't be next!!What is going on that I don't know about? Also if multiple co workers change positions. I wonder what is going on.

When I run into someone I don't ever remember meeting, but they know everything about me. I could never handle being famous.

When I keep misplacing something. I have probably looked for the DVD remote about 20 times over the weekend. I don't know why this makes me paranoid, its not like someone is sneaking into my house and stealing my remote. Chances are its just one of the animals hiding it.

When you send a text to someone and 3 hours later they still haven't said anything back. Come on people I know your phone is always on you. Whats really going on?

When a blogger makes a post about unfollowing people. Then I think is it me?  I think maybe I should check my stats? No I shouldn't because if it is me, I'll be sad.

My Campaign Promises

You may have noticed election season is gearing up again. Why does it seem like the time between campaigning is getting shorter and shorter. Pretty much everyday someone is tossing their hat into the ring to be considered, and campaign promises are being shouted from the roof tops. I want to get in on that action. The campaign promises not the running for office. I'm too smart for that.

I've given it careful consideration and have come up with a list of promises I feel I can fulfill.

1. I will not hijack a post you make and tell you that your beliefs suck. Really does that ever end well?

2. I promise not to share 200 million political posts between now and election day. If I do I promise they will be bipartisan and an attempt at humor.

3. I promise to not point out how dumb you sound, even if I see you make a post saying "Why isn't the foxies talking about the 241 Marines that Reagan let die"

4. I will however gently tell you that Reagan died in 2004 at the age of 93 and that Fox was established in 1996 which was 7 years after Regan left office. But, I guess you're right they should go back and mention it. Lets talk about Washington and Adams politics too. I'm sure they did some bad shit.

5. I promise that if everything you post is political, I will hide your posts (doesn't matter what party you are)

6. I promise if you get nasty about politics I will delete and block you.

7. I promise when it is all over, I will go on about my day as usual and not throw a tantrum and threaten to move to another country.

8. If you threaten to move to another country, I will help you pack your bags for the big move.

Girls Guide to Buying a Car

....or a guys guide to buying a car too.

If you follow me on instagram you may have noticed two things. One, I hung out with Batman and Captain America this weekend. We fought the forces of evil. No big deal. I also bought a new car.

My salesman actually thanked me for making his job easy. Wanna know how I did it?

1. Do your research. Know what your car is worth, if you are trading it in. I was trading in an '07 Focus with 152 thousand miles on it.  The body was in great shape and the car still ran good and had never had any major repairs done. I looked up my cars value using Kelley Blue Book I don't know if there are other websites that do the same thing. I chose them because I remember my parents using them, way back when it was an actual book. Also keep in mind that this is  just a guide and several factors will go into determining your cost. Its there to give you a range of what your car would be worth.

2. Make sure you take any documentation that you may need with you. Pay stubs, the title of the car you are trading in, insurance cards and your driver's license to name a few. You'll also have to know how much you make a year, last job, and last place of residence if you've moved in the last few years. Depending on the lot and lender you may also need a bill with your current address on it. Its also a great idea to know ahead of time what your credit score was. I always use Credit Karma. Its free, but the same as Kelley Blue Book its a range of what your score is. It may not be to the exact number correct. In my case it happened to be correct, but that wasn't the case when I was shopping for mortgages.  The better your credit score the better interest rate you will get.

3. Have an idea what car you want. In my case I knew the EXACT car I wanted. When he asked if he could help me I lead him right to the car.  If you aren't sure the exact car but you have a few in mind it will make the shopping process so much easier.

4. Once you know what you want, or have an idea of what you want. Research what other lots in the area are selling it for. Or if you're undecided its a good way to get an idea of whats out there. I used Ultimately I chose a dealership that my sister and ex husband had used for their focuses.

5. I also scheduled a test drive since I knew Saturday would be a busy day for car shopping.

6. Don't be afraid to ask for a better deal. You can determine what the fair market value is for the car you are buying by checking out this site. When I bought Focus #2, I asked to see the carfax. I learned the car had never actually been bought by a person. It had lived it's life there, being used as a short term rental. It was also an out dated body style and a not very popular color. I used all of those points in my negotiation. I explained it had been there for 3 years without selling, and now they have a new style so the likelihood that they were going to sell it was decreasing. I told him what the lowest I was willing to go was and he agreed. Please, don't be hateful or confrontational when doing this. They want to sell you the car, but they also want to make a profit. I can't fault them for that. Don't we all want to make money? If you go in knowledgeable you will get a great deal. If you don't feel you are being treated fairly, you can leave and go to another dealership. I was able to get my car for 2 thousand less than my ex husband did. He bought his car a few weeks ago. Same car, same color, the only difference is, he has a pin stripe.

7. If there is any after market items you want, stop in and ask the accessories store onsite. The place I used gives discounts to people who bought their car there. I can save 50 when I get my windows tinted, just because I purchased my car there.

8.  Don't forget your insurance my go up. Mine went up by 200 dollars so I shopped around for different coverage and found one that  was the same price I was paying.

9. Finally, my personal favorite step. Give your car a great name. I've had a Maddie, and Hanna (as in Ohanna Any Lilo and Stitch fans? Now I have a Tres. As in Spanish for 3, because its my third focus. I have a friend from high school named Tres (its a nick name his family gave him because he is a 3rd) Tres, if you are reading this I didn't name my car after you.


I promise I will not write about my cat today. I can't promise I won't later this week though.

We had marching band show reveal last night. I think it sounds great. Not completely happy with the title. Fire and Ice has been done  to death. But its a concept based on a Robert Frost poem which makes me insanely happy.

I still haven't decided if I am buying a car or not. Actually that's a lie. I checked the Kelley Blue Book and checked out trade in price for my car. I would basically be breaking even. So I think I may be buying a new car. I just cant decide what to get.  Too bad I can't afford what I really want.

It has rained almost everyday for a week. Downtown flooded on Friday and today water was pooling in a lot by my daughter's school. 

I still have my Easter wreath on my door. 
I totally made it myself. 


Car Talk

I may be in the market for a new car. I can't decide what I want. My current car is the second Ford Focus I've owned. I loved them so much I talked my ex husband (who is also on his second focus), my mom and my sister into buying them. They all love theirs.

Last weekend I drove a Kia Soul and it drove great and made me want one. Although I had a pontiac Vibe that is kinda the same body style and hated it. Happiest day of my owning that car was when it got  totaled.

Another down side is I still owe almost 2 thousand on my car. I was hoping to pay it off in December and have a few months of no payments, but it has 150 thousand miles on it and its getting kinda rattley , the controller for the air is also broken so I only have defrost. I don't know if you've ever experienced a Kentucky summer but it is hot and sticky. Defrost won't cut it. 

So here is my question what would you do? Trade it in and get something else or try to keep it until its paid off? If you traded it in, what would you buy? Keep in mind I am a single mom and no husband or sugar daddy to help me with payments so my dream car of a BMW convertible is out of the question.

Things I've accomplished this weekend

I love long weekends. This one was especially long because I took Thursday off. All in all I think this was a productive weekend even if I didn't get much lounge around the house and do nothing time. I did complete some big things like....

Took kitty to the vet. It was a long visit because we had to have a complete CBC done because he isn't sure whats wrong. He thinks its an eye infection, because now the eyes are watering. He has lots of drainage. You know how I said giving a cat a pill was hard? Well I have successfully given him eye drops. 4 times a day he receives drops in both eyes. 2 times a day he gets a different eye drop, and once a day he gets an oral antibiotic. He acts like he feels some better. One of the drops dilates his eyes so he likes to either be carried around by me, or he sits with his head in a pillow. I brought his carrier inside and took the door off so he will have a dark place to go hide if it gets too bright for him.


I successfully gave up Dr Pepper for Lent. I won't even lie and say I wasn't counting down until I could drink it again. I also won't pretend that not losing any weight even though I gave up drinking all those useless calories disappointed me.

I attempted murder on some potted plants. I bought some pretty hydrangeas for my mantle because the tag said indoor decor. From Friday to Sunday they wilted. I planted them outside but I predict they will be dead soon. I just don't have a green thumb even though I love flowers.

I watched Duke get a step closer to winning the national championship. I'll leave it at that.

I built a Fairy garden. It had been on my to do list for a year and after some trial and errors I finally accomplished it....with the help of my sister. I can't wait until the flowers we planted in the garden start to grow. Its going to be gorgeous.

 and finally, I survived hosting a sleepover with 9 little girls. Thankfully Abbey and her friend Hannah helped. Otherwise I am not sure I would have been able to make it. It was loud and my house was a mess, but all the girls were so sweet and well behaved. Nothing like the parties from my childhood.


Party of 9

Saturday is Emmy's birthday. We decided to have a sleep over on Friday to celebrate. It seemed like a right of passage or I am just insane and need to be committed. I had at least 2  a year from 6th grade to 9th grade. I remember having fun and lots of drama. Abbey had 1 sleepover but it was right after her dad and I got divorced and we had it at his house. It was fun but I remember feeling awkward because I was a guest in a house I had lived in for years.

I think I'm ready. I have a jar full of activities to keep 9 girls busy. Just Dance, Minute to Win it Games, facials, mad libs (sleep over edition) volley ball (because all the girls play) would you rather questions, etc...

We have a cute goodie bag put together.
Each bag has the girls initial

and it contains elastic hair ties, scented lotion, a flash light (for when they tell ghost stories) everyone will have a shirt to decorate and take home and everyone gets a matching crackled marble necklace. 
In addition to having a house full of girls. the kitty is still not better. We went back to the vet yesterday. He had more blood work done, No results yet, but he thinks it has something to do with his eyes. So.....we have two different types of eye drops 1 gets put in both eyes twice a day. The other gets put in both eyes 4 times a day. I'm so glad I can come home mid day for a minute to give him eye drops. He also has a liquid antibiotic. You don't even want to know what I've spent on him the last two weeks. I know you guys are probably getting tired of hearing about my cat. But I do have one more sweet story. If you follow me on instagram you have  probably already seen it.

So one eye drop dilates his eyes. The dr administered it before we left his office. I get home and open the pet carrier, get him out and put him on the couch. He climbed back in the carrier. His BFF Phenney climbed in the carrier with him and started grooming and rubbing her face on him. It melted my heart that they love each other so much.


CYOA link up

March's challenge was relationships. I decided to keep it simple. I had adopted a dog from an animal shelter that was from a horrible situation. Imagine 42 dogs in one house.  He was blind in one eye and we thought deaf in one ear, but the ear infection cleared  up fine and and he can actually hear. March I wanted to focus on getting him use to the other animals here. I have 6 cats and one other dog, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. You can read about him here.

He was terrified of everything He literally shook and wouldn't get off my bed. I am so happy to report in the short time I've had him he has adjusted so well. He is no longer scared to eat, he sits still while I attach the leash. Yesterday when I took him and Wes out before work, I tapped my leg and said come on boys and he ran to the door. He had never done that before. I'm so glad I was able to save his life. He is such a sweetie. 

When I adopted him they told me he was 6. But boy does he act like a puppy. He chewed up the band on my fitness band. I don't know what brand it is and can't find a replacement. He also runs and pretends to hide like when I ask him if he wants to go out. I can't forget the energy. Oh my this little guy is active. I'm not use to a dog with this energy. Wes is pretty laid back...ok he is down right lazy.

The last week I've been focusing a lot of energy and time on my sick cat who isn't feeling any better. The day we went to the vet he perked up but he's slowly acted worse every since. Poor baby. He finished his antibiotics last night. I'm hoping this runs its course soon. Although I'm really tempted to call the vet again. He is eating so that's a huge plus. I've been buying him special cat food and giving it to him in a separate room so I make sure he is actually eating it.
As for the secret goal. It didn't happen but I am moving closer to making it happen, So there is that.

April is finances. I plan on utilizing Swagbucks. Its free money so I need to take advantage of that.

Also I want to research retirement options. I hate to say I really don't have any form of retirement and since I would like to retire someday I need to get on  that. My other option of marrying Troy Aikman and being a trophy wife obviously didn't happen. (Troy was the QB for the Cowboys from 1989-2000)

I'd also like to add more to my savings too.

Not Entirely Perfect

Confessions 4/1

Oh my I hate this holiday. Call me a spoil sport but I do NOT like pranks. I don't even really like surprises.

My cat is still acting like he doesn't feel well. We finish the antibiotics tonight. But I don't see him immediately making a recovery. No idea why he is still acting lethargic.

Cute guy I bought my house from sent me a text Saturday of a picture of himself. I didn't immediately respond because I was doing  a training for work. Then I took the girls to watch a ballet. I still haven't responded and now I'm at the point I don't know how. Do I reply with a pic of myself or do I say something. Why must this be so difficult?

I think the new dog I adopted from the animal shelter isn't really 6 years old like they said. I would be surprised if he is even 2. He just has a lot of puppy tendencies. Of course maybe that's because he has never had the freedom to be a puppy instead of focusing all of his attention on survival.

Tomorrow is the last volleyball games and I am so happy. I like coming home from work and not having to get back out. Although I am glad Emmy loves the game and I did buy her a net for her birthday. She can open it at her party on Friday.

Which reminds me I have 9 girls coming to my house Friday for Emmy's party. Please be thinking about me :) I think he will be fine. I've planned out a ton of activities to keep them busy.

I watched all of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in one day....then  I watched it again (over two days) while Emmy marathon watched it. Good parenting right there people. :)
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