Why I am NOT upgrading my contract with ATT

I had to say goodbye to my trusted sidekick. My iphone bit the dust on Sunday night. I've been grieving and going through withdrawals. I knew I used it a lot, but I had no idea how much I relied on it. It was my clock, alarm, flashlight, calculator. The notes section was my second brain. I dumped anything and everything I needed to remember there.

I turned to att.com to see what my options are. Basically, my option is to let ATT screw me over.

Remeber, back when you renewed your contract and paid just a few dollars for your phone? Well that is looooong gone. They have a new plan in place now. The NEXT plan. With this plan  you pay  22-32 extra a month for 30 months (depending on what phone) but after 24 months you can trade the phone in for a new one. Right off the bat it sounds sketchy. Since you would be renewing the contract in 24 months anyway. I did some quick math. If you want an iphone 6 you will pay 900 dollars over the course of the plan. I'm sorry but no phone is worth almost a thousand dollars, to me. Yes I know they are like little computers, but I just bought a cute pink HP netbook and paid only 200 for it. So technology isn't the reason its costing so much.

Yes they started rollover data. But I never come close to using my data, since I am near wifi almost all the time. I would rather have a cheaper bill then rollover data that may never be used.

What I did instead was buy a used phone on ebay (praying it actually works) It should be here soon. I am thinking about switching to something prepaid. I'm just not happy with how they are treating customers who have been with them as long as I have.


  1. The Next plan is bullshit, I thought the same thing when I looked at them back in November. They're just trying to bleed more money out of an already overpriced phone, because a lot of states have made 2 year contracts illegal and they're trying to do anything to get paid. But, they should really be offering better customer service and cheaper phones and plans. It's crappy.

  2. I called them when Abbey's phone died and told them its obvious that they don't care about their customers because this new plan is pure robbery.

  3. Wow. I knew about the Next plan, but didn't know that was the only way to renew your contract. Verizon has Edge, but that's just an option. You aren't forced to go that route. I never buy my phone through the carrier anymore anyway, though. I usually go through Amazon Wireless.

  4. I just checked my att account and they are now giving me the option of a 2 year contract, but if I take it, I lose my 25 dollar a month discount for each line I renew the contract for. So no thank you, its the same either way.

  5. It makes no sense for companies to do that. It almost seems like ATT is moving out of the wireless business again.


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