Wednesday Confessions

 I was so glad Godaddy said they would do all the hard work for you and connect the domain and blog together. I have only tried to do that for 2 years.Apparently they did not actually do that for me, because its still showing up as blogspot. Seriously, I hate this.

I apparently have given up posting on Tuesdays. Its like Monday takes so much out of me that I just can't gather the energy for Tuesday.

Speaking of giving up something. I gave up Dr. Pepper for Lent. I've done great. Even when I have gone out to eat, I would only drink 7up. But, yesterday I was REALLY wanting a Dr. Pepper. Instead I got a Pepsi. That was the first drink of caffeine I've had since Lent started. It made me feel terrible. I had a headache and body aches. I'm pretty sure I am just done with caffeine all together now.

I discovered Max does like toys. He just doesn't like any of the squeaky toys I have been buying. I caught him playing with the cats toy balls. I bought some really small tennis balls that he could catch in his mouth.

I need a deck with a roof. Max wants to explore everything in the yard before he does his business and comes inside.Yesterday was not much fun standing in the rain waiting.

Speaking of rescues. I'm joining an animal rescue organization in my town. I can't foster, I have a house full as it is. But, I can transport and things like that. I am really excited. Now if I can just keep from adopting any more.

Either my grandma was a super trendy 70+ year old, or I dress like an old lady. I inherited her clothes and took a tote full. Out of that tote, Abbey stole a bunch for herself. I am happy that I didn't have to hem any. Wonder where I get my height from? I can almost hear her fussing at me for my choice of shoes or bag with each outfit.

Making Melissa


  1. nothing wrong with grandma's clothes! i shop at thrift stores all the time so its basically the same thing ;)

  2. I think Blogger and GoDaddy aren't working together like they used to. Which I don't get. I'm glad I bought my domain a million years ago.


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