I {heart} Apple and a Max update

Last Sunday my iphone had a nasty spill. Actually I should say my cats are assholes and dumped a cup of water on it. I didn't realize they had, and it laid in the water for probably 20 minutes. I tried putting it in rice. That didn't help at all. My phone was gone. I immediately got on AT&T and checked out the replacement option. Nope wasn't going to happen. I still think they are raping their customers withe the next plan. Anyway, I found a great deal on eBay. Friday my replacement phone came in.  They even sent a sparkly case.

I switched his sim card for mine, imagine my surprise when that icloud thing I didn't know how to work a few months ago, just magically worked. My phone didn't lose anything. I had my pictures, my notes, my contacts, my apps and even my text messages. The only thing missing was any messages that were sent to me the 5 days I was phone-less. I love that apple backs everything up for me. Because I am sure this will not be the last emergency phone change I have to make.

I want to give you an update on Max. This little sweetie has really come out of his shell. At first he wouldn't leave my room. When I left for work he hid under my bed. Last night I was tucking Emmy in bed, and he wanted to go to sleep. He came into her room and whimpered then ran back to my bed. He did that several times. Then I went to Abbey's room to help her with something and he kept doing it. Finally I was ready to follow him and he curled up beside me and fell asleep. He plays with the cats and play wrestles Wes to get the spot beside me. He no longer has to eat while hiding. His hearing is well enough that  he sings along when the girls sing. Its too precious. Sometimes the lack of vision gives him some trouble. But I try to make sure I give him treats or attach the leash on the side he sees well out of.
He is dragging a take out bag around because I didn't get him anything. I know I'm a bad pet owner. He still doesn't know what  to do with toys, and attaching the leash scares him still. But he has come a long way in just a week.


  1. abeerfortheshowerMarch 23, 2015 at 9:25 AM

    All of those naked celebrities weren't so happy about Apple backing up all of their stuff online...

    Cheers for a cheap replacement phone! That just does not exist. Even with so-called 'insurance'. For all you pay per month, you still have to pay a deductible and water damage isn't always covered. Even with insurance my friend ended up paying $250 to replace his broken phone. Last time my phone broke (which would have been $700 for a replacement) I just borrowed my mother-in-law's crusty old iPhone until my contract ran out.

    Also, glad to hear Max is doing well and interacting with the others!

  2. When are celebrities happy? The only reason they were upset is becuase the didn't get to make a profit on the pics. I'm sure no one would care of mine got leaked. Basically all mine are of the animals.

  3. Aw Max is so cute, I'm so glad he's adjusting! He hit the adoption jackpot.

  4. I'm so glad he got out of the shelter, and away from that horrible house he was in. He is so sweet. You can't NOT love him. I still want to track them down and punch them. I just don't understand how someone can treat an animal that way.

  5. Max is so cute! I'm glad he's adjusting!

    And that's great that your phone was all backed up. Android is doing the same thing now, which is FABULOUS. Because it came in handy for me, too.

  6. I'm glad Max is starting to come out of his shell!

    I saw a video compilation of "cats being assholes" and it was pretty funny. I had no idea they would just knock stuff off counters for no reason! It's too bad your phone was a victim, though.

  7. Omg cats are total ass holes. They knock stuff off of everything, and I have one that thinks she is a flying squirrel. She launches herself at you so you will carry her.

  8. That's cool I didn't know android was doing that too. I hated the old days when you lost everything with a phone accident or upgrade. I always hated getting a new phone because it was a pain.


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