I admit it, I laughed

Its been a week since my grandma died. Honestly, I think I'm still somewhat in shock. I didn't see her that often and it just doesn't seem real.

But, I have a confession. I laughed at her funeral. Not during the visitation part, when everyone acts like its a family reunion (or is that just my family?) I mean the actual funeral.

Anyway. The same preacher that made me laugh during papaws funeral, almost 11years ago, did it again. He said, "Bob was a quiet man" that doesn't seem so funny? Well papaw had a tracheotomy almost 20 years before and instead of talking with an electronic device, everything just came out like a whisper.

But back to grandma. He said "Wandena, was a voracious reader. You always saw her with a book, and she would want you to read your bible like she had." Now, my grandma did love to read, she always had a book. But, I had never seen her read the bible. Instead she use to say she liked a little smut in her books. The woman would read any romance novel she could get her hands on. She helped develop my love of  books and reading.  I cut my teeth on her Harlequin collection. She had so many romance novels the ladies in the neighborhood would treat her house like a library. They would take large brown paper bags full at a time. Papaw once built her a room to hold all her books, It wasn't big enough. I once counted all her books It was over a thousand and that was when I was about 7. Who knows what her highest total was.

Do I feel bad for laughing? No, If my grandparents where listening to that. They would have laughed too. Soon after Papaws tracheotomy, he wasn't able to even talk yet. He was mad at me about something and mouthing what ever it was I did wrong and wildly gesturing. I said "well you don't have to shout at me" He immediately burst into laughter, and whatever I had done was forgotten.  I hope that when its my time, someone finds something funny to laugh about.


  1. i wouldn't feel bad for laughing either, you obviously knew your grandparents well enough to laugh and be happy about their life. nothing wrong with that!

  2. It was okay to laugh for sure!

  3. I was so worried that the people behind me were judging me. I usually don't care about that, but I didn't want to give off the I was happy about her death impression.

  4. I admit it I was a little worried.

  5. I figure it isn't a good funeral unless there's at least a little something to laugh about.


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