At roughly 8:30 yesterday I lost my last remaining grandparent. I grew up beside both sets of grandparents. I was at their houses all the time. It feels so weird to not have any grandparents. I had such a good relationship growing up with all of my grandparents.

My grandmother that passed away yesterday was the person that told me I should start shaving my legs and showed me how. I remember her taking a balloon and covering it with shaving cream and I practiced with a razor on the balloon.

She was the grandma that was almost obsessed with shoes being clean and white. She taught me how to use shoe polish.

She's the grandma that always made sure I had Dr. Pepper and Cheese popcorn everyday after school.

She's the grandma that shared a birthday with my ex boyfriend and the reason I could remember his birthday. 

She's the grandma that use to tell me  to always look my best because you never know when you will run into your future husband.

She's the grandma that would perm my hair every new years eve. I ended up with very fried and brittle hair.

She's the grandma that I get my depression from.

She's the grandma that I get my inability to cook, and skill at burning water from.


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. But I'm glad you have those memories to keep her with you. And hopefully you don't mind if the balloon razor practice one gave me a smile.

  2. I saw Abbey post that on instagram. Sorry for your loss :(

  3. I'm so sorry. It's hard to lose grandparents. I lost my last grandmother a couple of years ago to Alzheimer's and I still miss her.

  4. It makes me laugh too. I hate to admit I laughed during the funeral because the preacher was talking about her love of reading and mentioned the bible. I don't ever remember seeing her read the bible. I did learn to read by stealing her romance novels. She always said she liked a little smut in her books.

  5. That runs in my family. Such a scary disease.


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